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Shinryaku! Ika Musume Half Season Review [Completed]

I just put that picture first because it’d be sorta paedophillic to show the first frame of the image below first…

Shinryaku! Ika Musume explained in one SIDNET’d episode.

Or, if you want it to be more concise [NICO NICO WARNING INADVISABLE TO WATCH WITH PARENTS]:

Shinryaku! Ika Musume explained in one minute and forty-seven seconds.

Even more concise?

Shinryaku! Ika Musume explained in one picture.

Cause there’s no point explaining plot, and because I don’t do my HSRs at the end of all the episodes (rather preferring to screencap after every episode, and then somehow joining them together at the end), Screencap Collection time~

So that’s why she tries so hard to scare people


Why don’t we take a look at Hourai’s true colours?

Ya think that was scary? Well…

And our casts’s reactions?


Well, she turned into a zombie so I guess that’s not very good

How to shade a picture in 2 easy steps: draw outline. Shade picture.

Wait, didn’t you want shaved squid tentacles?

It’s really an invasion now!

Mitsudomoe 2 – now starring Eiko!

Awww, too bad they didn’t do anything important…


Here’s an example when not having plot can be a very, very good thing. Indeed, there are many examples of the type, seeing as most failed plot-anime were anime that failed because they tried to add plot. But failed. As always, I stick to my conception that trying to multi-anything is always bad. Except when you’re cross-training in DF. That’s rather good.

Focusing instead on character relationships, Ika Musume reminds me a lot of Oreimo – a bunch of random characters nobody cares about centred around one girl with an ill-defined trajectory for future plans, finally summarized up solely on the final episode with a ‘to be continued…’ tag slapped on top.


Ah. Ha. Ha. Ha.

The individual stories touched me the most. That one in episode five, I think, when Ika-chan outlived Eiko by like 10,000 years, was an excellent example of what no-plot anime can do. They have no big plot, but little, individual plots range far and wide.

Indeed, such a story requires far more in intellectual creativity – coming up with 36 individual, yet compelling and completely self-absorbed stories is no easy job. I suppose it has been lightened by the predecessors of such form, in particular, Yotsuba&! – the same story of a little girl with no idea that umbrellas are scary things.

I knew it! They do change who’s fat and who’s skinny every year

Yet, such a story could have a very good plotline – if only a few antagonists were added. The border between anta- and porta- was bridged here; though really, seeing as this is 36 different stories, the protagonist of each story would undoubtedly change.

The appearance of the final, mystery, unnamed, and Wikipedia-listed character does bring some hopes to a sequel, for the manga is still running strong. Nevertheless, I, for one, have had quite enough of Squid Girl.


5/10 (Great)

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  1. The only thing I liked in this anime was Chizuru’s personality.Apart from that…only the scene where Ika dressed up as the anti-rain-ghost-thingy-ultra-scary-mode made me laugh a bit.

    Expression when I finished watching the episodes: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_kvt3gbO8E51qz9a43o1_500.png

    2010/12/23 at 18:11

  2. Ya drinking pasta from a can?

    2010/12/23 at 21:04

  3. I need to in order to be able to finish some animes…<_<

    2010/12/24 at 10:13

  4. Eri

    /scared for a life

    2010/12/24 at 17:33

  5. Don’t worry, they’re only gonna stab you twice…

    2010/12/24 at 18:51

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