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Steins;Gate – Boukan no Rebellion 2

Totally didn’t edit that.

And thus starts the first of my on vacation posts. New tag for posting while I’m away – Remote Posting. Except I’m on my last remo*shot*

Dammit, I’ve gotta write all of them within this 15-minute period :| In fact, I don’t think I’ll be able to finish, so I’ll have to rewrite history when I come back.


Sorry, you’re dead already

Anyways, a brief summary of the first chapter – in the year 2036, everyone’s a zombie. Amane Suzuha obtains a time machine from her father, Barrel Titor, and sets out to change the past.

Nothing really happens in the second, except backstory for Suzuha’s mom and dad and how they went MOE MOE KYUN~

The scientists try to appear smart by compounding on some twisted version of the World-Line Theory (Did I mention that it doesn’t exist?), in which humans somehow matter, and non-materialistic events such as Suzuha’s father dying is a major thing in the world. SERN’s (yeah, it’s not CERN) rule over the world is also apparently a major event that cannot be avoided, because human social relationships TOTALLY matter to the universe.

Anyways, they say that if a large enough event were to happen, the future of the world would shift completely from SERN’s hegemony and into a new scramble of events. The closest possibility is having the Future Gadget Research Institute (lead by Rintarou, and the main character/group of Steins;Gate) obtain the IBN5100 to hack into SERN’s servers, deleting all their time travel data and thus saving the world from world peace.

Suzuha decides to travel back in time to 1975, get the IBN5100, wait 35 years, and hand it over to Rintarou in 2010.

However, her mother gets stabbed to death by one of SERN’s operatives.

OK, what? How do they know about which world-line they’re currently converging on? Why doesn’t the SERN operative just travel in time back to 2010 and kill Suzuha? Why doesn’t one SERN guy just kill everyone else and take control of the world? And how does Suzuha know about the Future Gadget Research Institute, if not even SERN knows about it (and with good reason – you don’t just go monitoring every single college student in the world cause you think they hacked into your servers)?

This 99% reality, 1% fantasy really isn’t working. It’s more like 70% fantasy, 2% science, 8% reality, and 20% pure bullshit.

Yandere end is best end – you always get out a head. [stolen from des’lar]


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