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Happy New Years~

I guess…

it’s rabbit time.

(images link to danbo, NSFW ads)

12 responses

  1. Happy new year! =P

    2011/01/01 at 23:13

  2. You too~!

    2011/01/02 at 00:27

  3. Come on!Why is the rabbit in the background on the 1st pic just a normal rabbit.It should be a rabbit made out of snow instead.Cuz it’s winter.Normal rabbit on winter…that makes no sense…<_<

    ALSO!Contributing to the rabbit time:http://img145.imageshack.us/i/dgrabienrose0304kw.jpg/

    My rabbit girl have dices for hair ornaments! n(<_<)n

    2011/01/02 at 00:58

  4. >_> That’s a very… interesting girl, to say the least :V

    It’s not a rabbit! It’s rice pudding, can’t you tell?

    2011/01/02 at 04:01

  5. Rice pudding for New year’s eve…<_o<)d

    2011/01/02 at 13:16

  6. Yi

    Touhou and rabbits… Too cute!!

    Let’s enjoy 2011. ^ ^

    2011/01/03 at 21:38

  7. You too; hopefully, our second-last year on Earth won’t be too horrible~

    2011/01/04 at 00:51

  8. [thumb up]Keep up the positive thinking Zetsubou sensei.[Makes a big ol’fashioned samurai grin]

    2011/01/04 at 02:04

  9. Randy’s rollnuts are rollin’

    2011/01/04 at 03:45

  10. Iso

    I’m a bit late, but Happy New Year to you!

    Some awesomely kawaii rabbit pictures you have there :D

    2011/01/05 at 10:44

  11. You’re welcome, and that’s not late at all!

    Seeing as it’s always a new year :v

    2011/01/06 at 02:59

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