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O-REW 7: Not Always Right

Have you ever had that moment when you laugh uncontrollably? Whether it’s at some idiotic table hockey-foosball game, some stupid Mad Libs paragraph you made as a six-year-old kid, or some retarded blog that attempts to make lame puns every day (not a self-referential statement, as this blog never makes anyone laugh) – do you ever get that feeling where it feels like you’re getting tickled and you’re laughing so hard that it even hurts? The laugh you laugh about once a year from something so ridiculously stupid and/or funny that you just can’t stop?

Yeah, Not Always Right isn’t going to make you laugh like that.

Instead, Not Always Right gives you those little chuckles that you get from shows like Working!! or Ika Musume. It’s an average comedy show, not those shows that make you roar around in laughter like… uh… wait, let me think…

The posts are humourous, no doubt, but they just aren’t funny. You don’t feel ‘full’ when you read them. You snicker a bit to yourself, maybe link to one on twitter, maybe one of them makes you chuckle out loud for all of half a second before being suppressed by your realization that you’re in the library and everybody’s looking at you. But they’re not memorable, not funny, and not always nice. Just like this blog! /emperorjism

“Wait, just what is Not Always Right about?”, you may ask. Well, you may ask that, so please, ask away.

Anyways, I was talking to my imaginary audience-friend-guy, and he just asked, “Wait, just what is Not Always Right about?”

Well, that is a great question, imaginary audience-friend-guy. Not Always Right is a web-log that updates every day, recounting experiences of employees with… rather interesting customers in the form of little text stories. They’re short, submitted by visitors to the site, and a couple of them come out every day.

However, it’s a bit like cereal – you eat some every day, it tastes nice, but you forget all about it later on. I can’t think of any article to link to this post – not because the articles aren’t humourous, but because even genuinely funny articles are unmemorable. There aren’t even any screenshots in this post!

You should read Not Always Right only if you’ve got nothing better to do. It is genuinely funny some of the time, but its humour is subdued. It’s not funny as in ‘hilarious’, it’s funny because it’s ridiculous. You don’t laugh at the articles amusedly, you laugh at the articles incredulously. It’s really not worth your time.

All in all, it’s still a great site! It just has no new content. All of the content is similar, repeating the same general events and punchlines, over and over again. Having read probably thousands (four every day for over a year) of these, I’m a reliable source. I’m always a reliable source! If someone tells you that Not Always Right actually has original, surprising articles once in a while, tell them that Mushyrulez said that it doesn’t. They’ll believe you. I promise.

P.S. There are other websites in the Not Always Right network. It’s a pretty popular site – after all, everybody eats cereal in the morning. It’s just that nobody cares about the cereal.

Not Always Romantic talks about strange and/or humourous things that happen with love and relationships, and Not Always Related talks about strange and/or humourous things that happen with family matters, especially children. Many of the stories do overlap – they’re all variants on the same theme, humourous flaws and strange happenings in society. AND WHAT A SOCIETY IT IS

P.P.S. Right now (at the time this was posted), they’re announcing a new series of websites – something about yams. I honestly have no idea what is going on with spam, Akismet’s ham, and now… yams? What’s next? Damns? Cause I don’t give any, unless they’re hydroelectric, in which case I take from them. Energy. You know what I mean. I don’t actually take the dam. That’s pretty hard to do.

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