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「永夜返し -三日月-」

“End of Imperishable Night -Crescent Moon-”

Too lazy for image, and too lazy for words.

My weeaboo (like, seriously, weeaboo, derogatorily) friend recognized a song playing over the PA during the announcements – it was a Vocaloid tune.

I didn’t even recognize it

My self-esteem


(Obviously, he doesn’t know I know about weird Japanese weirdnesses, because I refuse to divulge such details to people who say: “Do you watch anime?” Me: “…No.” Friend: “Aw, that means you don’t know what Vocaloid is. Dee equals. Meku Hat-sun is totally for the win ro-full-copter.”)

Post scriptum: Wait, what? Having a ‘copter that rolls on the floor laughing is so contradict-oh, I get it.

8 responses

  1. … yeah, I’d deny all knowledge of it to people like that, too.

    2011/01/07 at 03:56

  2. Heh, funny thing is, other people actually follow along with him. It was like that once last year, when a friend of mine (rather, a ex-blogger here) introduced Death Note to the class. It was torture then, and with everyone knowing about that new anime called ‘Vocaloid’ now, it’s still grating my ears :|

    2011/01/07 at 07:22

  3. Ohmygodyoucantrecognisevocaloidsongs…<_<

    Shame on you! :D

    2011/01/07 at 11:38

  4. D;

    2011/01/08 at 00:34

  5. Mister Magus


    Personally I try to act natural and “normal” about “Japanese things”.

    Sadly, “act natural” is an oxymoron, so I can’t do that.

    I was starting to wonder if I should have come to the dark side and read those ****ing DN books (I kept convincing myself I’d read it on One Manga, which no longer exists sadly)

    …Yeah, that was a really insane fad back then.

    2011/01/08 at 15:39

  6. I remember watching the animu a looooong time ago. It was still cool then.


    2011/01/08 at 18:31

  7. Mister Magus

    Don’t pity me for missing out on DN. I read at least 25% of the manga over people’s shoulders.

    2011/01/08 at 19:56

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