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「永夜返し -上つ弓張-」

(from Earth and Space Science)

“End of Imperishable Night -1st Quarter’s Moon-”

I don’t even understand how it’s possible to dodge spellcards like these. Just dumb luck? Or the big bubble’s hitbox being outrageously small? Whatever, I won’t even get around to this card for quite some time :P

And wait a minute. Why does even the phase of the moon change? Is the protagonists’ night that long? Or Kaguya’s just all ‘Fuck physics, I put big fake moon in sky and colour it red for communism’?

There’s no tag for light essays, small essays written because I BLOODY FEEL LIKE IT NOW SHUT UP …I bloody feel like it. Now shut up. Reflections will be what that are.

As once again, I return to my well-rehearsed subject of pleasure: reflecting upon the time I have left.

Why is it, that time always seems so… little?

Time is a relative thing. Sure, scientists can babble off their high-tech explanations of how Einstein was so smart that he grew white hair and wore clothing, but what do we really know about time? Time seems to be the same to all people, so why do some people seem to have so little, and some so much?

This is a stupid, unscientific question. The answer is obvious – some of us indulge in various activities of our choosing, while others are content absorbing the knowledge leeched from society’s combined lessons. Yet, time seems to flow fast, much faster than it should, constantly. If time constantly flows so fast, does that mean it’s just flowing normally? Was I absorbed in a slow-moving timeframe for so long, that upon emerging in reality, time seems to be wasted off so much faster?

What do we even do with our time? I rest myself, purely so that I can go to school, purely so that I can learn, purely so that I can survive in life, purely so that I can watch animated cartoons and type to people I don’t even know on an invention that may as well be magic to me. Is that the purpose of our life? Why do we accelerate things so, bringing our standards so high that we all die dejectedly?

Wouldn’t it be much better if we had none of this? If we were taught none of this? We wouldn’t have to worry about whether or not a person is going to check what you learned (even now, that concept seems so retarded, and honestly I’m quite surprised we’re still doing this – then again, there are no alternatives, shikata ga nai :/), not whether or not you’re going to eat Chinese or Indian food, not whether or not a moving vehicle is going to get to you at a building at an arbitrary time, defined by when we wake up – which is defined by when we have to get to this building. The circles go on.

All we’d have to worry about is to survive. Life would be boring, short, sweet, and hopefully, happy.

At least, happier than someone staying up far past their biological tendencies.

(by Ufuk Keskin)

Oh, the horrors of time. Keine wouldn’t even have been impressed.

2 responses

  1. Sakuya approve of this post!(Thumbs up!)

    And choosing between Indian or Chinese food is a big deal.Indians-Poison your food in order to make you have near-dead-experience in order to prove to you that their god exist and that Fujiwara no Mokou is not real,no matter how much you cuddle with your pillow every night.

    Chinese food is awesome.Especially in a Chinese restaurant,where they will gladly kill the animal you are going to eat in front of you,in order for you appetite to rise up.

    I guess the answer is obvious…<_<

    Point is-Things are not simple as they look.They are not boring too…you just have to think like Suzumiya Haruhi and everything will be fine for you.

    That moon is starring at my soul…and this clock is in half.What "A" crazy post…<_<

    2011/01/07 at 11:58

  2. I think the clock’s an actual clock. Besides, why do we need the other half? If the hand is long enough, we can just see one half and it’ll be easier :v

    2011/01/08 at 00:37