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「永夜返し -待宵-」

“End of Imperishable Night -Paschal Moon-”

Ah, the Paschal Moon. It’s still a full moon right now, isn’t it? Just like it was before.

An invisible full moon.

This is (hopefully) the last instalment of this series for some time, while I get the posts actually organized. For that matter, I’ve arranged a list of all the dates posts were missed, and that I should post on, along with links to the finished posts. This way, you can quickly read over the posts that I will be publishing, later.

Friday, November 26th: Shiki Half Season Review 2
Monday, November 29th:
Thursday, December 2nd
Friday, December 3rd: Shiki Half Season Review 3
Saturday, December 4th: SWOT 18
Monday, December 6th:
Tuesday, December 7th:
Thursday, December 9th: Donten Prism Solar Car 3
Saturday, December 11th:
Wednesday, December 15th: SWOT 19
Friday, December 17th:
Saturday, December 18th: Donten Prism Solar Car 4
Thursday, December 30th: 2010 Winter Anime
Friday, December 31st: Angel Beats! Another Epilogue [Completed]
Sunday, January 2nd:
Monday, January 3rd:

Heh, I think I’m getting better at this ‘Rewrite History’ thing then Keine :v

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