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Rokuyoku [Completed]

Yoshika’s best friend, Yukina, is dating the person she loves, Koushirou. When one day, a cat demon approaches her, Yoshika gains the ability to steal away Yukina’s body…

A truly gripping tale, told with sparse details and description. The focus lies not in the development of characters, but in the development of themes. Themes too complicated to be understood fully, but whose introductions were executed with perfect clarity in a mere thirty-eight pages.

Are all people born equal?
Obviously not, but each person’s ‘equality’ differs. What Yoshika might have regarded as a benefit, Yukina may have treated as a liability. It’s impossible to know about anything’s value from anyone’s perspective, besides yourself. All of these differing circumstances and perspectives – do they balance out so that, in fact, all people are born equal?

Is it wrong to take from one who does not deserve it?
If people weren’t born equally, did Yukina deserve such inequality in her favour? Is it wrong for Yoshika to attempt to balance the equation? Or is that the right, just, communistic thing to do? Clipping the heads of all the grass that rise above the lawn – we do it all the time, anyways.

What is ‘self’?
Is being yourself having the appearance of self? Having the emotions and expressions of self? Having the memories of self? Having the consciousness of self?
And once you’ve stolen the appearance, the emotions, expressions, memories, and consciousness of someone else, do you become that person?

And of course, the main point of this story.

What is love?

Overall Rating: 5/10 (Great)

6 responses

  1. Darrell

    okay iv red the second chapter of this you find out all the answers yukina cut a deal with the demon to shorten her lifespan by 10 years in echange the demon turns her into yoshika, yukina had a serase flaw that was not noticble buy pepole she was raised a certain way that at this time preiod was considerd grooming but was more like brain washing to act a certain way she wasent able to over come her strict training she recived and was taut her hole life, wich was she wuld never speak unless spoke to to always obay when told to do something,and when punished never cry out or speak a world, to be a obident wife, becaus of the training she recived as a child when she was sent to a school with other young ladys she was unable to cope and was oftin bullied becaus she was a complet pushover look at the very beging she didnt want to go with her boyfriend because he wasnet her boyfriend he was being maniplated by the demon in order to make yoshika jelouse, once she was jelouse the demon can incriss her jelasy and make it sho she wuld act that way this was all planed out by the demon and yukina,by the way evrytime she was alone with the boy he wuld try to strangle yukina becaus the demon was maniplating him,he was realy in love with yoshika any way in the end the 2 of them switch places and yukina who is now yyoshika leaves with her new boyfriend leaving the new yukina standing probly screaming in her mind open mouthed unable to do anything stuck with yukinas sever training or brainwashing i perfer to call it any way find the second chapter and read it.

    2011/06/18 at 21:53

  2. Hrmmm, I was sure it was a oneshot; may I have a link to the second chapter?

    2011/06/18 at 21:57

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  5. Felix Fahemson

    yeah im not too sure wat your trying to say, it would help if i saw the second chapter (if there is one, since im sure this was a one shot)

    2011/11/13 at 07:08

  6. Yeah, it’s probably a one-shot. The guy was just high or something.

    2011/11/13 at 07:51