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A Year of Fillers

Why is this post being published without any text?

Well, the thing is, it’s not being published without any text. This is text. So is this. And that. Those, too.

Why does this post have nothing but this text?

Well, the thing is, it doesn’t have nothing but this text. It has that text. And those texts. And these texts.

What were you expecting?

An image?

A picture to celebrate this being the first second anniversary of O-New?

A drawing to celebrate this being the second first anniversary of O-New?

Haha. I mean, not even this actual anniversary post has any images. Well, maybe it has one. An image of cake.

This post is a filler post. It’s been a year of writing these filler posts. That’s a year too many to be writing filler posts.

So click that link, and actually read my actual anniversary post, because it’s an actual post. And it has cake.

That’s all, folks!

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