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SWOT 20 [Completed]


Seems that the principal was under all of this mess – he wanted Manabizaki and Mayoi to expand the influence of the underworld.

The teachers have had enough of this, so they take sticks and beat him up.

Owari’s the Teppen of Momiji High School now, and he resolves to change the school so that there won’t be delinquents running around all day – instead, he’ll have delinquents playing video games all day, because that way people won’t be violent and people will get fat.

Manabizaki and Hasuno still haven’t said what they needed to say yet, and Kirishima’s discharged from hospital. A Teppen from another school comes to challenge Manabizaki, and their old life returns to normal…

First manga blogged from start to finish, chapter-by-chapter. Woohoo.

Too bad it was a horrible manga. Horrible pacing, horrible characters, horrible plot.

Then again, there are things that they’re not horrible in, that they might be good (read: 4/10) at. The art was professional (if poorly done), seeing as the mangaka makes money from writing pieces of crap like this. The entire plotline flowed – there was only one surprising development, the introduction of Resolve. If this didn’t get the axe at Chapter 20, you’d even think that this was all part of his plan – just one main villain, destroyed at the end of the series. No suddenly super-human people, no giant leap of power.

There are also stupid tropes like Manabizaki only winning because of his will to protect Hasuno – though in this scenario, it’s possible. Protecting her is part of his ‘resolve’, and so it should awaken his ‘reverse resolve’, if that’s how you want to base it by.

But everyone knows you don’t base stuff like this by stuff like that.

I’d say something about how the music and animation were fluid, but I’m sorry to say that SWOT failed in both of those categories. The animation was poor and choppy – almost as if the author drew in individual frames instead of connecting them together. The music was altogether nonexistent – I don’t think I heard a single thing the entire way through this series.

Still, getting a manga to 20 chapters before people realized it sucked? That’s a feat in and of itself.

Y’know what? This wasn’t that horrible. It wasn’t even half bad!

I think a full bad would do just fine.

Overall Rating: 2/10 (Bad)

(Oh, I’m late for Chinese school :v)

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  1. D’you know what SWOT would be good as? A movie. The plot’s streamlined, the characters simple, the main enemy well-formulated and concluded.

    Not as a manga.

    2011/01/18 at 06:57

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