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Blood Lad 1

Staz is just a typical vampire, living in Hell. Unlike his more notable ancestors, he does not venture into the human world to suck people’s blood and pretend to be pretentious European noblemen – rather, he’s content with staying at home, reading manga, and playing video games.

Staz isn’t just a typical Hellian vampire either – he profusely loves human culture, especially that of Japan. You can imagine his surprise when all of a sudden, a Japanese human girl drops into Hell…

They actually mean eat, as in consume.

Being the leader of the territory, Staz orders his second-in-command, Deku, to bring the girl over to his room.

Unfortunately, some weird guy comes and harasses the helpless populace, forcing Staz to fight.

He wins quite easily, because apparently he can make a fist with his hand, and that will crush the opponent’s heart.

However, one of the weird guy’s plants ate the human girl, and now she’s a ghost.

“How can someone from Hell not be afraid of classes?!”

Man, this is what Twilight should’ve been like. We have this stupidly overpowered vampire, who’s the leader of an entire section of Hell, and can kill people by making his hand into a fist. Then, we have this human girl, and the vampire suddenly becomes all dorky and awkward. Staz isn’t perfect by any standards, and any self-respecting woman wouldn’t want to step within 30 metres of him (I mean, seriously, he’s downright creepy, if good-natured). He experiences almost everything the same way as Edward – stupidly strong, living for probably a really long time, likes human culture, isn’t affected by many of the things that affect vampires, and of course, having an enormous urge to suck human blood.

However, he doesn’t act all cool about it, but suddenly becomes all creepy-rapist-trying-not-to-rape-someone on the poor girl.

The plot seems interesting too – it’s an action manga (I assume), but with Staz’s overpowered attacks, I doubt there’ll be much fighting. Probably just a bunch of wandering around, trying to bring the girl back to live (which is the main storyline).

All in all, pretty good manga, and now that’s SWOT’s dead, I think I have something else to write about.

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  1. Noc

    Creepy is just the way I like my rapists- I mean protagonists!

    I’m really excited about this manga, though. Its got the perfect blend of everything…comedy, action, twisted romance…and vampire otakus.

    Nice job with the write-up! It was hilarious.

    2011/04/06 at 23:31

  2. Hah, I just realized how stupid my write-up is now that I read it, but oh well.

    I’m also like 102% sure that Staz did some of… that when she was unconscious. Or maybe when she was conscious. I wonder if the author’s gonna include some of the implications of that.

    Tbh I don’t have high hopes for this, but it is an interesting premise.

    Finally how did you get here? I’m sure you didn’t go on google to search ‘blood lad blog’ and got here :(

    2011/04/07 at 00:09

  3. Noc

    Oh, really? I thought it was really funny. Unless your playful make-fun was actually serious criticism :(

    Well, he doesn’t find her attractive since she’s not flesh and blood anymore, so I donno about that. He most definitely would have if she hadn’t died first, I think. The mangaka might imply physical intimacy if it ever actually happened… for a shounen, it seems to carry a lot of seinen aspects with it so it would probably work.

    Aww, that’s too bad. I’ve read up to chapter 4 now and I quite like it. It just seems to hit all my favorite points. Makes my mouth water! Haha ^^

    Actually, I was doing a google image search for Blood Lad and got here via the ‘view website for this image’ option. I caught a glimpse of some funny-sounding commentary and wanted to check it out.

    2011/04/07 at 02:47

  4. Funny-sounding :(

    And all of my post-plot comments are SRS BSNS :(

    I am extremely emotionally distressed now that you have criticized my criticism :(


    2011/04/07 at 04:29

  5. Noc

    I meant funny-sounding in a good way ^^

    Although your commentary wasn’t intended to be humorous…

    Ah well, I still like the post. I enjoy how you get your opinions across without being malicious about it like some other manga critiques I’ve read.

    In light of this revelation, I find it interesting that I didn’t like SWOT…

    2011/04/07 at 04:54