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Hourou Musuko 1

At first, I thought this show wouldn’t be violent but I guess it’s actually about a gang war in a middle school. Look at how gang-like everybody’s dressed.

First, you guys’re probably like ‘what, why’re you blogging two series at once? Don’t you have enough on your hands?’

Two reasons – Firstly, and most importantly, Wandering Son (Hourou Musuko)’s plot seems way too confusing. This is only based on the first episode, but if I start from the second episode, that’s not going to work. Hopefully, things will start to narrow down, and I’ll stop after the sixth episode. Besides, something as good as this doesn’t deserve just two half season reviews.

Secondly – posts. I want to post daily. I have imposed upon myself a necessity to post daily. Posting these posts take much less time than, say, a movie review, an essay, or a Half Season Review. If I’m gonna post, why not post really really short posts that nobody wants to read NOBODY HEARD ME WRITE THAT ALRIGHT THAT’S NOT HOW I THINK I CARE ABOUT POSTING QUALITY THINGS ALRIGHT COUGH COUGH sure I do COUGH COUGH

So-nwards (forgive the pun) to the summary.

This is Nitori Shuuichi. He’s new to middle school (so, I guess Grade 5ish), along with many of his other friends. The ones important enough to have both a face and a name have been screencap’d for ya.

Things get off to a rocky start as Chiba Saori slams a book on someone who accused Shuuichi of dating Takatsuki Yoshino, the girl below, of which I was going to give a more active (read: seizure-inducing) picture, but I’m running low on time here. As for her reasons, it’s anyone’s guess – by anyone, I mean here’s a classic tsundere without overwhelming tsun and dere.

Shuuichi and Yoshino do have a shared secret, though. Both of them crossdress as the other gender. Together. Shuuichi was coldly rejected by her, but that doesn’t stop him from continuing to crossdress.

Not only do they crossdress, but many other people in the class express interests in doing so, such as Ariga Makoto – who can’t because he looks too like me nerdy.

Also, Sarashina Chizuru (next image below) is a tall girl who dresses as a boy “whenever she feels like it”, and Yoshino remarks about this to her mother.

Anyways, back to Shuuichi. After walking around all day as a girl, he comes back home to do bad things to use his sister’s dress. Unfortunately, his sister’s a model, and she needs it for a photo shoot. After wrenching the dress off him and calling him gross, Shuuichi runs away from home, wearing nothing but an undershirt.

By coincidence, he meets Yoshino, who cheers him up and ends the episode.

Well, derpy derp. This has got to be the best show of the year, if first episodes say anything. I guess I’ll try not to repeat what I’ve said (for you guys, will be saying) on the First Impressions post…

Firstly, I’ve never seen this type of art in all the ten-or-so anime series I’ve watched. Oh boy, that means a lot, doesn’t it.

It’s not anime-like – too pale, too smooth, too layered, too pastel-like, too… light.

The entire tone of Hourou Musuko is too light. Here’s a real slice-of-life story, not something about little girls who sit around, don’t brush their teeth, and eat cake all day (some guitar here-and-there too). This is life. This is life, back in a simpler time, without darkness. Here’s life as a little kid. There’s no angsty teenagers or troubled childhoods. These are perfectly normal kids with perfectly normal lives, going into a perfectly normal school.

You’d expect her to be crossdressing too Shirai Momoko is too stylish to be a boy

Normal by Japanese standards. The five laws of Japanese Anime Regarding the Behaviour and Appearance of Middle Schoolers might not apply to us Camerdians (Westerners would’ve been a better word):

1. All persons must have a cellphone before Grade Five,
2. All female protagonists over the age of Ten must be a model,
3. All children must have dated before Grade Five,
4. All unnamed children between the Grades of Five and Eight must be of the same height, approximately half as tall as a student in Grade Nine,
5. All children between the Grades of Five and Eight must be either;
a) A girl disguised as a boy disguised as a girl trying to be disguised as a boy,
b) A boy disguised as a girl dressed as a boy,
c) Dead, or
d) Alive

wait what

And this is Sasa Kanako, just some random person.

Anyways, art and diatribes aside, there are other things to comment upon.

For one, the simplicity and melancholic of a certain scene is portrayed by using Clair de Lune as a background while Shuuichi runs away. Their selection sets the whole mood of the scenario, complemented by the darker tones of the night. Such things are impossible with manga, and here’s some way that an anime adaptation can be used brilliantly.

What can I say? It’s a show about little boys crossdressing.

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  1. My eyes gets itchy whenever I see flashy looking animes with nothing new in them…


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  3. Bad hair hygiene?I see…<_<

    I like Sasa Kanako though.She is cute.

    But I don't like Kanako Yasaka.She is old.

    And mean.

    She is also a god and I cannot tolerate religion.

    But I loved this post.No funny drawings on the pictures this time…?HMMMMMMMMMM!

    2011/01/18 at 02:17