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2010 Winter Anime First Impressions

This is me and my brother, IRL.

Chinese racism aside, it’s time to move to yet another season~! (Not that I’ve completed the previous season, derp)

Unlike last season (awwww Gelbooru removed my hotlinking), there will be no ‘first impressions’ on the second episode :P


HELL YEAH (pardon the pun).

This may just be the best anime of the season, purely because it’s SO AWESOME.

I may be biased from reading the manga, but the first arc was definitely the best part of it.

Seems that what everyone’s trying to do is purely add more facial expressions to the anime adaptations of already-serialized manga, because really, 19 pages =/= 23 minutes.

That’s not too much of a bad thing, as long as they don’t overdo it and drag the story on forever.

I also hope that they just cut this after 12 episodes. After a while, Beelzebub gets so stupid that only things like Bleach would be worse – all semblances of plot break down, and relatively ‘normal’ people start shooting four guns. Simultaneously.

The main plot deals with a delinquent (because ‘bully’ just doesn’t cut it), Tatsumi Oga, who finds a man floating in a river. He cuts the man in half and a baby comes out.

The baby is the Demon King, and the baby’s maid comes to kill Oga – however, at the end, the baby (Beelzebub) chooses Oga as his father, and Oga has no choice but to raise him so that he can eventually conquer humanity.

I am not joking here.

These action manga just have that as a giant flaw – everyone’s power level just goes up and up and up, but at the very beginning, you don’t even hear of these overpowered high leveled people. If they’re so strong, why isn’t everyone cowering in fear? Why do they think the weakest person in the school is so badass?

Oh, I’d also like to warn you that much nudity and child pornography is involved. I do not condone such types of inappropriate misconduct; however, I do not blatantly oppose it. Please, just do not go down the path of searching for more green-haired naked baby pictures.



Just read this.

And this.

Now put them together, and add better art.

Much better art.


No, it won’t make you go sick, and it’s not particularly gothic either.

The main character, Kazuya Kujo, transfers into a fictional school in a fictional country in a fictional era where people still ride horses and shit. Er, horses that shit. On the road.

He meets Victorique, an eccentric tsundere loli smartass, who manages to solve some stupid mystery.

He also meets Grevil, some weird guy with weird hair, who claims to have solved the mystery instead of Victorique. Feeling his shame, Grevil invites the crime-fighting duo to a vacation on his yacht.

Kk just to let you know, I’m only watching this show because of Victorique and her tsundereness.

Oh, and the OP is so awesome, here’s a transcribed version.

Hourou Musuko

This is Kawashiro Nitori.

And this is Nitori Shuuichi. Yes, both of them.

Perhaps the best anime of the (2010) year, if we’re just going to look at first episodes.

Simple art, simple narrative, simple simple simple EVERYTHING’S SO SIMPLE

Hourou Musuko’s about a bunch of elementary schoolers, just gone into middle school, and the adventures of two of them as they try to change genders.

There’s no to-the-viewer humour here, no flashy scenes or overstressed emotions. There’s no brawling action, no profane amounts of vulgarity. No dark, hidden past, no melancholic background.

There’s nothing extraordinary about this.

I wonder what’s on that screen

I was talking to a friend about anime, and why girls keep on falling from the sky. There’s a reason (as much as I can tell) for that – anime’s not about some point in someone’s life, it’s about action, and things that matter. If you’re going to talk about action, you wouldn’t start it after the action started – by start, I don’t mean first-episode, but I mean whole-series-wise. You’re not going to start it waaaaay before the action starts – and by start, I don’t mean flashbacks, I mean the current action that’s taking place.

You’re going to start it exactly when a major event occurs – e.g. girl falls from sky. This obviously affects the protagonist profusely, and would be the catalyst to the anime.

Yet, Wandering Son (that’s the English translation) does start on a major event – the characters entering middle school. Yet, it’s not some extraordinary catalyst, something that’d change their lives forever from the ‘norm’.

You might say that Wandering Son defies all laws of anime, and is actually about something…


Level E

Unlike some other, shall we say… extra-terrestrial picks.

Level E is the season’s occult anime, because all seasons must have some occult anime.

Apparently, aliens live all over the world, and to Tsutsui Yukitaka’s chagrin, one lives in his house. The alien has crash-landed and lost all his memories. In disguise (his true self is the picture above), the alien and Yukitaka…

…well, I don’t know, there’s no plot yet.

I guess this is worth a try, seeing as it’s extremely unconventional, and mainly a comedy-themed show. There’s not much other comedy going on, and Level E doesn’t just offer comedy, but intellectually-stimulating comedy too (a.k.a. horrible dry wit).

Which is completely different from another type of comedy that’s also going on this season…

Mitsudomoe Zouryouchuu!

The second season of Mitsudomoe starts with a fake OP, just like Bakuman – this time, about the Gachi Rangers.

Unfortunately, it’s a rather crabby episode, as the main characters act all fishy. Mitsuba obviously laughs shellfishly at this because nobody would get hooked by such a scalloped show.

Hitoha swears revenge against the production company.

The entire episode was awesome; there was not (much) sick humour, but rather pure irony and stupidity. The Gachi Rangers kidnap little kids to lure the enemy out, and start attacking the enraged citizens who demand that their children be returned. Along the way, they also blow up a kindergarten, drive a school bus off a cliff, and stuff a guy in a lobster suit up a fireplace, among others.

Hey, if that was unintentional, I’d be pretty worried about the state of our society.

Yumekui Merry

So one day, this girl falls on Fujiwara Yumeji, who has nightmares of cats and lives with his childhood friend.

Well, no, it’s not that stupid. The girl is a dream demon, Merry Nightmare, and she wants to get back into the dream world. In the dream world, however, the leader of the cats, Chaser John Doe, wants Yumeji’s body – so that he can get into the real world.

Hey, it actually looks pretty interesting. I see some definite action going on.

…Wait, yeah, that’s all I see.

I do really hope that this works out, because I’m setting my expectations pretty damn high for this. If this fails…


(holy crab, there’s a lot of tags this post (and lobsters this season))

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  1. >>>Chinese racism aside
    >>>Chinese racism

    The post is awesome today.Yep…Now I know why did I liked gosick’s cover.There was a tsundere on it. <_<
    Yay for the super short second season of Mitsudomoe.

    Cat girl,the dirty hairs,demon baby and the guy who looks like a living suit of armor…no.Just…no.

    Aliens are nice,but I am going to…ahem…just pretend that I didn't saw Level """"E""""!

    2011/01/20 at 02:49


    (No, that monster-thing isn’t the only art in Level E. There are also Chinese people there)

    IIRC Second Season’s only gonna be eight episodes long? Hitoha’s probably gonna beat the crap out of the director and find out he’s her dad or something like that.

    2011/01/20 at 03:58