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Beelzebub 2

Hilda joins Tatsumi’s family due to a grave misunderstanding on the part of his father. Hilda also reveals that wandering more than 15 metres away from Baby Beel will cause Tatsumi to… well, die. Whenever Beel cries, a bunch of other people die too, because he creates stupidly large electric shocks when that happens.

A bunch of Second Years who will never appear again also appear with chainsaws and shit, but Tatsumi punches them all, breaking a few walls in the process (it’s a wonder the school’s still standing). Alaindelon informs Tatsumi and Furuichi (whose first name is Takayuki, based on this Wiki article) that Beel will simply attach to the most ruthless, formidable, and evil person he can find.

Thus, if they find someone even more horrid than Tatsumi, their problem will be solved!

Which is why you don’t try it at home

Their first idea is to find the principal of the school – the principal of such a violent school must be stupidly strong to take care of all his students, right? (And force them to stay in school, or else none of them would go to school in the first placed)

But no, he’s just some old man with a straw hat – really pitiful, his arms look like they’re made out of rubber or something stupid like that :v

Finally, two delinquents decide to gang up on Baby Beel, but Tatsumi uses the power of his demon arm and punches them to oblivion. AND BEYOND!

And hair too

…Hey, wasn’t Furuichi supposed to have all his drama with Alaindelon around now?

Yeah, this was a good second episode. I’m sure this won’t be horrid now – there’s action, punching, TEXAS CHAINSAWS, and people flying out into space. Funny how everyone mentions those people being so tough but the Touhoushinki don’t beat them down to the ground – instead, they just choose to gang up on Tatsumi at the end :v

It’s also rather stupid why everyone else doesn’t just use chainsaws, guns, and chainguns – I mean, if chainsaws are allowed, why not other, less deadly weapons?

Unless the principal of the school is behind it all. He looks seriously suspicious. Like a certain person in a Gachi-certain show…

Beel tries his best to look like Tatsumi

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