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Beelzebub Hirotta Akachan wa Daimaou!? [Completed]

SIDNET but boy, those animators didn’t even make four separate frames

It’s the Beelzebub OVA, released before the series’s première.

Wait, it’s not an OVA.

It’s the entire series!

No, seriously, the entire series up to Hidetora (Toujou) and Tatsumi fighting is summarized in this OVA.

Which is pretty stupid, because that completely destroys the plot setting and mood for the entire series, if you’ve watched this.

Thus, I don’t recommend that anyone watch this before finishing the series (or the manga), because it’ll spoil everything.

Also, child pornography, even though they told him to no dick.

What? You guys want spoilers too?

I guess I’ll summarize this OVA:

No shit either

Fight, Man splits open and a baby is inside, fight, fight, fight, fight, fight, fight, fight, kidnap, fight, ooh money, fight, fight, fight, how does a wooden sword break windows, fight, fight, SUDDEN AND DRAMATIC ENDING THAT WILL PROBABLY LEAD TO A FIGHT THAT SPLITS MEN OPEN AND CREATES BABIES FROM KIDNAPPED WOODEN SWORDS WORTH LARGE MONETARY WINDOWS

Overall Rating: 5/10 (LARGE MONETARY WIND-er, Great)

Notice the two girls flying around randomly in the background. Yes, in Beelzebub, people get to fly. Randomly. In the background.

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