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Life, for the Sake of Lateness


Time restrictions imposed on computer by myself so that I won’t continue procrastinating on the project. Due at 7:00 Wednesday, and I’m finished 25% (which is 25% more than what I had done this morning). Why did I even make my new (vectorized, ooh) avatar anyways?

Oh boy… (no more posts from now until this project’s finished, so that’s two days of posts rewritten, plus the other post on Sunday or something, mmk?)

7 responses

  1. You shouldn’t drink if you’re under rage.

    2011/01/25 at 16:20

  2. Come on now…You should drink when you’re underage in order to adapt for the future.So when you reach 26 you’ll be able to drink in a bar,without fainting from the first glass.The other hard-drinking-guys will laugh at you if you faint!But if you adapt from an early age,you will be prepared and you’ll be the one who’s gonna laugh at people who are not used to drinking.

    Besides drinking is a good thing.It comforts your mind and with it you can see awesome new places.Like the local jail for example.There you will find a lot of new friends and who knows…maybe your first true love too.The food there for the prisoners is free too.(Even if it’s just a bread and water…it’s still FREE!)

    Drinking can also prevent you from suicide desires and attempts.It can also solve family problems as well.(You get a divorce-Wife is free from you-you are free from her.Both of you are happy then right?

    It’s bad for the health?Well you are going to die sooner or later.The question is-Do you want to live more,in the repeating and boring days of you life with people who are just repeating things over and over again OR you can drink a lot,go to hospital after a while,cuz the drinking has damaged your health and live the last 3 weeks of your life with free food,nurses who are kind to you(Even if they are not you still have the food and the tv that needs money in order to work.)and a lot of people visiting you in order to say that they love you and they don’ want you to die.(But in truth they just want you to die faster in order to get all of your possesions.)

    Underage or not DRINKING is not bad at all.The other people are saying that it’s bad because they want to have more for themselves.

    Look at ZUN!He drinks a lot,but he is famous!His creations drink too,but they are famous as well.

    Drinking is important part of human society.Without it some people won’t be where they are today.So drink a lot and die happy! >_<

    2011/01/25 at 17:23

  3. What are you saying! Drinking is dangerous! Look at society – everyone who’s lived past a month from their birth will die. Why? Because everyone who’s lived past a month from their birth have drank something! Now, on the other hand, if you live past a month from your birth and you don’t drink anything, then you’ll be immortal! My conclusions are so valid that they’re not even wrong!

    2011/01/26 at 02:26

  4. Mokou and Kaguya drank from the Hourai elixir and they became immortal.

    Theory b-b-b-b-b-breaker! \O_O/

    2011/01/26 at 02:41

  5. Mokou and Kaguya drank from the Hourai elixir, and now your entire argument about everyone dying is invalid :v

    2011/01/26 at 23:50

  6. It may be.But I proved the main point of my theory-Drinking under age is good.And it’s not dangerous.

    2011/01/27 at 02:35

  7. They weren’t underage! Kaguya was like over-age + 1.1 and Mokou was like over-age +1!

    2011/01/27 at 07:15