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Beelzebub 3

Furuichi Takayuki (whose first name is revealed in Episode 3 of the anime, instead of 93 in the manga) and Alaindelon start doing weird stuff together.

Tatsumi learns about Kanzaki, the de-facto leader of the third-years in the school. Natsume, and Shiroyama, underlings of Kanzaki, get to fight Tatsumi first. However, with one slap, the African-looking Shiroyama drops down. Even after being brutally humiliated by Kanzaki, Shiroyama remains faithful to the end – almost jumping out of a third-story window on his orders.

Unfortunately for Kanzaki, Shiroyama doesn’t fall out. He does.


So now the action starts. I’m really hoping that the action will be more strategic and tactical than YOGURTY BOTTLES and FEET WITH KICKS. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

I also really hope this entire thing ends at 12 episodes – just enough for Tatsumi to kick Hidetora’s ass, and then cut it. Everything after that is pure stupidity and naked babies. Why doesn’t the great demon lord put on some clothes? What will happen to him when he grows into an old man?

I guess we’ll find out on the next episode of…


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