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Project [Completed]


A bunch of things are happening today, actually.

For one, my (cough one day cough THREE MONTH LONG) project’s finished.

Guess what it is.

Also, notice the intense pencil marking :v

For two, it’s Mozart’s Birthday.

And for three, YouTube’s much hyped lifeinaday is going to release their video,

right around,



[Post-movie post: Eh, it’s life, in a day. Not worth the 90 minutes of watching it, but if you have time, do watch it.]

10 responses

  1. Awesome post!

    [I’m posting this comment for tomorrow.]

    2011/01/27 at 14:55

  2. Keep updating.

    2011/01/27 at 15:01

  3. Because I am from East Europe,the video is not available for me to watch…And I’m too busy to modify my computer settings in order to recognise me as “AN” american.

    This video is racist!It is available only to certain people living in a certain regions of this planet.I am offended and I demand for a nuclear holocaust.

    2011/01/28 at 13:14

  4. :v What, that’s weird. Just go to their channel and see, I guess?

    Or maybe it’s only a CANADIAN premiere because we’re AWESOME like that (n/o)

    2011/01/29 at 00:29

  5. This is not how the Scarlet devil mansion looks like…<_<

    2011/01/29 at 14:02

  6. It’s St. Peter’s Basilica >_>

    2011/01/29 at 19:53

  7. My sexy art teacher would love this.

    2011/01/29 at 20:17

  8. I take it that you’re an expert in sexy art? :P

    2011/01/29 at 20:32

  9. What’s the difference?Both of them are buildings and are inhabited by vampires. <_<

    2011/01/30 at 15:10

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