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Hourou Musuko 2

They went that far…?

Hey, I’ll be adding the third episode soon, so not much of anything besides plot.

Chizuru (Sarashina), who refers to herself as Chi, decides to attack another girl cause that’s the new trendy thing to do.

Saori (Chiba) hates Yoshino. Why? Because Shuuichi likes Yoshino (so the gossip in the first episode was half-right) and that’s an adequate excuse to hate Yoshino for.

Saori also hates Momoko, that girl with weird hair who’s perpetually around Chizuru.

However, Sasa, the best (Saori’s only the most badass) character in the show, stops them with her I-stop-people-from-fighting face:

Maho, Nitori’s shirt-wrenching sister from last episode, has some of her classmates remark that Shuuichi’s cute.

This includes some boy, who eventually starts dating Maho after realizing dating Shuuichi would make him gay, and that ruins other peoples’ lives.

Sasa joins both the volleyball and basketball team, with Saori and Chiba EDIT: SAMEPERSONOHSH- on volleyball and Yoshino in basketball, because it’s legally required that everybody join a school club, and that only one person can join two clubs at once.

Oh, and Maho takes out her anger at a lunch box. Now you know why Japanese people are skinny (look at the size of that!)

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