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Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail 3

Plot details screwy since I forgot all about what happened, and can only rely on my notes.

Like master, like maid.

Revy calls Shenhua, chainsaw-girl (Sawyer, iirc), and the white-haired cool guy to help kill people. The South Americans and American Americans duel it out, and the mercenaries get to pick over the remains.

Revy mercilessly shoots a surviving G.I., even after Fabiola promises to save him – once more, the little girl is shocked at the behaviour of these Roanapurans. They get Roberta’s location, but to no avail, as first they need to kill yet another group of South and North Americans; the FARC and the NSA.

Meanwhile, Rock does whatever Rock needs to do – basically, not do anything but try to seem like he’s doing something. He knows that the US army is cornered, and the only way for them to escape is to get another syndicate involved, which

But not the Triad, for Chang used to be part of the Hong Kong Police, and he knows all too well how little difference there is between law-abiders and law-evaders.

Back on Roberta’s front, FARC Commandante Marulanda orders a member of the Cuban Special Naval Missions Formation to kill Roberta with all means, something he could have easily done, but nevertheless didn’t – wouldn’t rerecruiting Roberta to go with the FARC be much better?

Nope, it wouldn’t. Roberta uses her womanly skills and bullets hidden in her belt to maim him, and then smashes his skull to a pulp with her bare fist. After delivering a lengthy sermon about how she hates doctrines and ideals – an attribute both the FARC and NSA share – she realizes that Garcia was watching. All this time.

SIDNET – but this is what happened to his skull

Her insanity takes hold, as she begins to hallucinate the ghosts of two dead Japanese engineers of Taisho Electric, who she shot to death and then tore apart a family photo. This representation of family caused an emotional rift in her heart, which she could have repaired by being like family to Garcia.

Of course, Roberta’s a very intellectual woman, and she realizes that GARCIA MUST BE A HALLUCINATION TOO! THERE’S NO WAY HE COULD HAVE BEEN IN ROANAPUR, RIGHT?


Because stabbing other people’s balls with your foot loses your virginity

Haha, I just realized that a Chinese TV show is currently airing, Shen Hua, about this guy who leaps back in time to ancient China and becomes a great hero of war or whatever. It literally means ‘God Words’, and happens to be romanized the same as Shenhua. Is she a speaker of god’s words? Actually, she doesn’t play any role in anything in this entire series, but I thought I’d like to point this out.

Definitely getting convoluted now, but the denouement I was expecting just isn’t happening. Are they going to have the climax in the last ten minutes of the final episode? Dear lord, this is suspenseful.

I still seriously don’t get what Rock is doing. He’s like Furuichi (who I forgot his first name already! Was it Takayuki or something?), a useless guy who doesn’t come up with particularly good plans, either (or so I can tell). However, his first-episode boat-jump is still the most epic scene I have seen in anime till this day. Which isn’t saying much, unfortunately.

No matter how good a shot you are, that doesn’t mean that you just can’t get hit (especially when Roberta didn’t get a SINGLE SHOT from the US Army). That was a bit horrible, IMO. At least the Americans looked like they meant business.

Also, (but because of suspense I didn’t put this in above) the US Army have actually reported to have rescued Garcia at the end of this episode.

What will happen next?

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