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Unfortunately, Google Translate only works with moonrunes, that we can’t understand, can’t write, can’t copy, can’t see, can’t hear, can’t eat, and can’t smell if it were in a bathroom three feet away from us.

Thus, I offer the new, and improved, solution to all your Japanese needs that doesn’t require things that you can’t smell if it were in a bathroom three feet away from you!

In fact, you can’t smell this either, even if it were in a bathroom TEN feet away from you, which happens to be more than three feet, even though if this were in a bathtub a centimetre away from you, you’d have to get into the details of when you stop and the tub begins.

The romaji translator at Romaji.org, aptly titled the ‘Romaji Translator at Romaji.org’, is a free Japanese to Romaji transliteration tool. You can translate Japanese text into Romaji or Hiragana, because you can’t smell the Latin alphabet if it were in a bathtub a centilitre away from you, but you couldn’t smell moonrunes if it were ten deciyard-pounds away from the nearest dead tree-branch.

Perhaps my explanations aren’t clear enough. Let’s see what the site says:

“Romaji Translator at Romaji.org is a free Japanese to Romaji transliteration tool. You can translate japanese text (Kanji,Hiragana,Katakana) into Romaji or Hiragana.”

I see.

Not only is Romaji.org magical, it also has two links on the bottom that happen to link to the same website, which happens to have ‘Red Herring Top Asia 100’ as one of the few non-Egyptian monoliths on the subject of dead pineapples.

I hope none of you eat live pineapples.

Anyways, visit Romaji.org whenever you have a section of Japanese that you want to turn into Latin letters so that you can go car-an-OK or whatever young people do these days with Japanese stuff turned into things you can’t smell if it were in a shower-kitchen three Newtons on the moon.

The URL is: http://romaji.org/

I wonder why their website is named Romaji.org.

Anyways, I was browsing through my dead Google Reader – you’ll notice there hasn’t been a post for the past long while, though I have drafts of every post up to today that I haven’t made yet.

There are a variety of reasons for this that I’ll probably expound in a later edit of an earlier post that actually wasn’t published though it was published.

With my parents invariably watching me, looking at bland, white, text-only entries in Google Reader was nearly the only thing I’d been able to do in the past little while.

Here’s a bunch of stuff that might interest you:

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Pre-Post-Post-Edit: IE7 is the worst piece of shit ever made.

6 responses

  1. You can also learn the japanese runes instead of using translator each time you need something translated.

    Be thankful for your “Watchful” parents.They will keep bad influences away and you’ll be able to become one heck of a fine man.Like when you become 23 and you arrive at the office(Cuz office job is for “Fine” people.)and your boss asks about your doings last Sundey you’ll be like:”Oh,nothing special.I only watched the news and I went to bed after that.” You can’t say that you watched anime…come on!Anime is only for kids and for socially awkward people. <_<

    2011/02/05 at 11:40

  2. Pah, I know the Japanese runes – just not kanji ;__;

    Yes, I shall become a fine businessman and work at a businessplace for the rest of my businesslife and my time will be divided up like so:

    40% working
    40% sleeping
    15% making dinner
    5% eating dinner

    because that is what fine young men do in life

    2011/02/06 at 01:53

  3. A site that can turn kanji into Japanese characters I can actually read?! Saved!

    2011/02/06 at 07:43

  4. Mushy said:”15% making dinner”


    2011/02/06 at 14:27

  5. There are only, what, 10000 kanji out there :v

    It’d be much harder to make a site that can turn Chinese into pinyin :/

    2011/02/06 at 19:09

  6. I’m still happy. :(

    2011/02/06 at 20:08