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Hourou Musuko 3

See, it is a status symbol! And this isn’t even out of context…

A school cultural festival is coming up (I’m guessing it’s sorta like a year-end graduation assembly thing)

Saori (who happens to also be Chiba, yay for Japanese name mix-ups) suggests a play where the boys play the girls’ roles, and the girls play the boys’ roles, and she and Shuuichi become the co-writers of said play.

However, co-writers must co-operate, and Shuuichi goes to Saori’s house to help write the play.

She almost forces him to wear one of her dresses.

Wait, what? Yeah, that’s what I saw, dunno if any of you saw other versions of it :v

They finally decide on a crossdressing rendition of Romeo and Juliet – a Romeo who wants to be girly, and a Juliet who wants to be manly. Yeaaaaah.

Meanwhile, Maho and her friends Tamaki and Anna, are models because EVERYBODY IN JAPAN OVER THE AGE OF TWELVE MUST BE A MODEL AND HAVE CELL PHONES AND SHIT LIKE TH(ry

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