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【Touhou×Kirby Medley】桃方星連泉~Medley Dream

Just a quick (on-time!) post, today.

From niconico:

10 responses

  1. Hey, these are pretty awesome! Hearing Nuclear Fusion mixed with the Kirby 64 boss theme was epic.

    2011/02/07 at 09:22

  2. The entire thing was epic :v

    I just couldn’t hear any ‘real’ instruments >_>

    2011/02/08 at 00:14

  3. Oh,man…Touhou and Kirby.<_< Those videos sure made my day.I am just sitting on my chair and eating ice cream,while listening to this…epic music.The window is open too.You know…I am someone who likes to share (<_<) AND I would gladly let the other people from my town hear this awesome music too.Even if the deadly plague is still roaming around town,reducing the population one by one,the magic of this KirbyXTouhou medley shall cheer up those who suffer.<_< What?Screams of agony?Come on now…They are just enjoying the music.How can a scream of joy and happiness be a scream of agony?You are just being negative…

    The power of music…contains the fragments of peace,love and joy.<_< Best post so far!

    2011/02/08 at 01:01

  4. houraiguy

    A “quick” post? BLATANT LIES.

    2011/02/08 at 02:05

  5. I didn’t make the movie :v

    2011/02/08 at 02:52

  6. ;___; I feel insulted.

    2011/02/08 at 02:53

  7. I think he means the fact that the videos are more than a half hour long combined.

    2011/02/08 at 03:01

  8. That’s why you multitask!

    Stop disabling comments >_>

    2011/02/08 at 03:35

  9. No,the post really is awesome.Even my brother liked the music,considering that he is one heck of a anime/games hater.

    The post is nice.There’s no reason for you to feel insulted.

    2011/02/08 at 13:46

  10. I’m not. WordPress seem to do it automatically whenever it updates.

    2011/02/09 at 20:17