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Beelzebub 5

Tatsumi finds a weird mark on his arm. It’s the Zebub Spell – a power granted to him by Baby Beel. A baby demon has nearly no power in the demon realm, and it must rely on a human contractor to do the dirty work – namely, beat the shit out of innocent people. In fact, the more innocent people you beat the shit out of, the larger the weird mark grows, until eventually you become an innocent person that beats the shit out of yourself – in essence, you won’t need to wait for hours in line at a public washroom anymore, because you can just beat the shit out of yourself, or beat the shit out of everybody else in line and then beat the shit out of yourself so the shit lands in the toilet after you’ve beaten the shit out of yourself.

Unfortunately, I cannot testify to that as I have never tried to beat the shit out of myself before, and I am sure that it will be quite uncomfortable.

Anyways, this twitter scammer, Himekawa, is a member of the Touhoushinki. Unlike the yoghurty Kanzaki, Himekawa uses money to force people to follow him.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t use the computer very often, and thus rarely retrweets during a battle.

He holds Takayuki (remember, that’s Furuichi) and Hilda hostage by tricking them into thinking he had free iPads. However, Alaindelon rushes into the room and Tatsumi comes out of him.

Yes, Tatsumi comes out of him.

Himekawa tries to scam Tatsumi with a Nigerian prince, but Tatsumi’s a racist bastard and only accepts money from White Japanese people, i.e. weeaboos.

Himekawa doesn’t have any spare weeaboos to give to Tatsumi, so they start fighting. Himekawa eventually loses even with a 8mm ceramic plate covering his stomach and a 1,200,000 volt stun gun – used on Tatsumi to no avail. Ironically, the gun is named the ‘Devil’s Shock’, while Tatsumi triumphantly proclaims that Baby Beel’s electric shocks hurt more.

That’s not really something to triumphantly proclaim about ._.

Finally, Tatsumi uses his new Zebub Punch, breaking Himekawa’s ceramic plate and punching a giant hole in a cement building.

Heh, what I liked about this episode is how when Tatsumi rushes up to rescue Takayuki and Hilda, he says how he’s not fighting, but “What I’m doing now, is…”

At that time, I was sincerely expecting something like ‘protecting my friends!’ or something stupid of that like, but instead of that, he goes all badass and says that “What I’m doing now, is… the LORD’S JUSTICE.”

I’m not sure if he used any cheesy lines like that in the manga (he probably didn’t), but it was serialized in Shonen Jump, and obviously all of those titles have around the same lines of thought.

Except for Classroom of Truth, that’s a crappy manga made by a spoiled, pretentious brat (points if you know what I’m talking about).

$10 a follower? You’ve got to be shitting me! Not even I have that much money!

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