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Hourou Musuko 4

Anna reads Shuuichi’s crossdressing play, and he cries because he didn’t want anyone else to see the disturbing things he put in it. As compensation, Anna gives him a creepy phone strap because he’s a creepy guy.

Yoshino goes to somebody’s house. A man, Shi, and a woman, Yuki, are living there. Yuki comments that Shi was the only person who never bullied her, and Yoshino looks at some gender-transforming tools on Yuki’s computer. PETTAN PETTAN TSURUPETTAN

Yoshino and Shuuichi go out shopping, with Shuuichi crossdressing along the way. Yoshino rejects him. OHHHHHH

Then Chiba does weird things.

Ah, the music and art is so refreshing – I can’t say the same about the plot. These Grade 5s are far too mature for their age. If this turns out to just be a story about a love triangle, I will be so disappoint I will appoint this person to MIME PRINISTER

I mean, when I was in Grade 5, I was learning how to tie my shoes and count to six; not reading Romeo and Juliet or making weird crossdressing plays. Definitely not trying to become a girl (that’s after Touhou).

Oh well. Do you know what the best end would be?

Shuuichi x Sasa, because nobody can beat her at awesomeness.

3 responses

  1. I started watching this recently and I really like it.
    I guess I’m also easily impressed, but still. >.>;
    The characters are definitely too mature for their age, though, but I can look past that because I like the series. It does sort of seem like it was written for older characters, though, except that they wanted it to be before the main character’s voice changed.

    2011/02/09 at 20:16

  2. Neko said:I guess I’m also easily impressed

    Yes…yes you are.

    2011/02/09 at 23:41

  3. D’:

    2011/02/11 at 21:37