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I’m Sick

Seriously, that is all.

EDIT: Actually, no it isn’t.

Today (not in GMT, in PST) happens to be a Palindrome Date, when written as 11/02/2011. This only happens once a year (gosh, that’s so hard to believe!), and only in some years, specifically years in the first and second century of each millennium. Of course, this could technically happen twice a year, and it will, with 11/02/2011 (November 2nd, instead of February 11th), but that’s in another time-format, so…

Also, today is the day of the British Columbia Liberal Party’s vote to select their new leader. Except WHO CARES THEY’RE GONNA DO NOTHING ANYWAYS

Finally, to-month is exactly one year after the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, hosted in Vancouver, Canada (not Washington)! Woohoo.

…I’m sick.

7 responses

  1. :(

    2011/02/10 at 23:13

  2. That was a post…

    2011/02/11 at 01:41

  3. :(

    2011/02/11 at 04:02

  4. Yes, yes it was.

    2011/02/11 at 04:03

  5. I’m sorry. Hope you feel better soon!

    2011/02/11 at 21:38

  6. Thanks; actually, I’m fine now. Not going to school for six days~!

    2011/02/11 at 23:48

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