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Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Animated Commentary 1 – 4

Only if it’s male-female siblings. Male-male punch the shit out of each other, and I don’t want to know what female-female do.

So, what’s this commentary about?

Not much.

And I seriously mean, not much.

Izaya tries to impersonate Kyousuke but fails horribly, and I don’t what I’m talking about

Does it look like I edited this? Nope, nope, not at all…

OK, seriously though, nothing’s really happening.

They’re not even really commenting on the show, just trying to be all chibi and reuse the same expressions over and over and over in a length of time comparable to that of the actual episode.

A startling point to note is that everybody’s themselves, but non-canon and situated in any point in time – which can allow for some interesting possibilities, such as having two Ayases (one younger and innocent, and the other one… less…).

So that she can watch some of dat Kyousuke x Kirino in hi-def

With the exception of the younger Ayase, most of the other characters are commenting on this in retrospect; seen pretty break-the-goddamned-wall-e (oh boy, a pun!) by the actions of Kyousuke in the first episode. Apparently, he’s considering the Ayase route already (was the VN released yet? I hope it’ll be good ._.):

Er, whoops. I meant, the ‘his dad’ route. Ayase’s too mean. Oh man, this will be an interesting VN. Very surreal art, too, with that mspaint-like stick figure in the middle of all the action.

All in all, this isn’t much. There wasn’t really much to laugh at, the people are saying obvious stuff, and we see another side to Kyousuke that has never been revealed before; apparently he just told Kirino random bullshit for her life consoling (there’s nothing to counsel) – even if she was his little sister, they’re not exactly close siblings, so he shouldn’t really care.

Of course, that’s just bullshit (my own conclusions); he wouldn’t have been so overly passionate about those stupid things if she wasn’t a real little sister to him. Sounds a bit tsunkuu (that’s not a word, and I have no idea what it means) here :v

Oh, and Kirino route will lead to no good. Trust me.

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