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Not-Sad Ronery Day

Try to have a not-so-sad ronery day, everybody.

Hey, at least I’m not making 14 posts leading up to this day ;w;

Oh, link to ZUN realizing there’s too much Touhou.

8 responses

  1. I tried,but it didn’t work. <__< BE PARSEE EVERYONE!

    2011/02/14 at 08:44

  2. Don’t worry man, I’m ronery too ;s;

    2011/02/15 at 02:13

  3. …you know about the Zun’s anti-fan thingy too eh?
    Why is ZUN posting,while being sober? <_<

    2011/02/15 at 15:15

  4. Don’t worry, I’ve figured it out! The entire reason ZUN did it was to destroy this from existence.

    2011/02/15 at 17:58

  5. He made a wise decision. A wise decision.

    2011/02/16 at 00:17

  6. Late. But Heart-shaped candy day was a success! Heart-shaped candy for everyone!

    Also, these new doujin rules have me slightly concerned. I’d guess arrange albums are included in this and I don’t know which groups would stop producing if they won’t get paid for it anymore. Still, it’s ZUN’s series and his right. To be honest I’m surprised he let other people make and sell stuff based on Touhou as long as he has. Just hope this doesn’t mark the decline of fan-made Touhou stuff.

    2011/02/17 at 01:58

  7. I doubt it; the regulations aren’t /that/ strict, are they? ZUN’s nice to fans.

    2011/02/17 at 04:12

  8. Well, according to the article any fan-made work that’s going to be sold has to get ZUN’s okay. Some groups won’t want to bother with this. And only time will tell what ZUN will and won’t approve.

    2011/02/17 at 04:36