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「永夜返し -子の二つ-」

“End of Imperishable Night -Half to Midnight-”

Oh mang, a bunch of mangoes have manga and man I’ve got mangoes. In my lunch-brunch-breakfast.

I don’t know mango, deers are dead.

I mean, I meant, I ameant, I ameanted.


OK, so seriously though, here’s some life updates.

Firstly, the life updates that are of most importance to you (well… relevance, not importance): There’s a spechul post coming up~! …That I’ll publish yesterday. Try to find out why it’s so spechul~! I’ll also probably try to maybe sorta huh yeah update y’know some of the previous maybe posts, kinda, well, I mean, no, I won’t do anything. :v

Secondly, I can type ‘~!’ with only two fingers now – Left Shift and `1. Oh mango I’m aweso.

Thirdly, I have no idea what the hell I’m saying, and my parents are currently watching Modern Chinese Drama, aka McDonalds commercials, behind me.

Fourthly, I just realized.

Pencil crayons are shitty.

Especially when they’re in those packages with two ways to exit, and you’re at your locker trying to juggle twenty (alright, fine, two) things at once, when suddenly KERSPLASH

Your pencil crayons fall on the ground.

DAMMIT THOSE FREAKING PENCIL CRAYONS (and I spent so long organizing them! Don’t worry, this isn’t the case that fell, or else I’d murder someone >_>

Hrmm, fifthly, this blog is not an anime blog, nor has it ever been. Oh manga, this means I’ll never be able to enter that tourney or join some aniblog group. Dayum, I could’ve gotten a lot more traffic (and had a lot more people cringe at what I’m writing, to never come back ever again; oh boy that sounds fun), but at least this looks more like a blog now.

Wait, I don’t even what I’m saying anymore.

Oh yeah, pencil crayons. My locker is way too narrow, and crammed. It’d be much better if every second locker-person was dismissed early, and alternating that every time; sure, it’d be confusing, but it’d be natural in time.

What’s even the point of all that vertical space? I’d prefer two locker-widths, and half the height. Of course, I wouldn’t be able to fit my viola (did I mention that in a post? I think so, some long time ago) inside, but it’d be worth it in the end.

Seventhly, a friend of mine was looking at a picture on this blog, specifically this:

I suggested the manga, Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku, to him a while back, and he gave me this picture on MSN.

Naturally, I was horrified that he might uncover who I am, but I guess it wouldn’t hurt.

If you don’t get the hint now, I’m probably safe from being uncovered, but I’m that person.

Oh mango, I hope he doesn’t read this post.

I’m linking to myself too often in this post, I guess. Speaking of projects that were supposedly completed, I have a new project; those who follow me on Twitter should, by now, know of my affinity for pipes. It’s for Science, now; and it’s still not finished, even though it was due how many days ago.


Because; sickth, I’m still six (even though it says I’m only three), and if I don’t go to school tomorrow, I’ll have not went to school for two weeks, excepting yesterday’s little visit. Also, I’ll be seven. Not really.

Next, The Flash MindMeld event, an hour-long webpage full of 60 speeches of 60 seconds each, about flash gaming. There are some pots of gold in there, but all in all it sounds pretty pointless; things like ‘Make what you would want to play’ and ‘Make a game that other people would want to play’. Things like that.

Penultimately, my mouse sucks at working.

I don’t want to increase the minimum wage so I guess she’ll keep on not working, stupid mouse.

Penultimately? Well, ultimately, Watson has just played and won triumphantly at Jeopardy!. !.!.!.!

Next thing you know, he’ll win.

At life.

And the world.

It’s coming.

The end.

6 responses

  1. You dumbo, if lockers were made wider and shorter you would probably need a goddamn ladder to get to yours.

    You better stop being six for your own good and all living beings around you because you get just like I do when auidueeeheo men last week shti haa.

    2011/02/17 at 01:31

  2. Freaking pencil crayons.

    2011/02/17 at 01:56

  3. They backstab you when you’re front-looking.

    2011/02/17 at 04:34

  4. oh yeah mango, I carry lockers in my ladders like all them peoples whor kooooolio

    2011/02/17 at 04:35

  5. Kill them Kaguya.Kill them all…( ´д)ヒソ(´Д`) “Penultimately, my mouse sucks at working.”-Dammit Mushy,give her some cheese once in a while. <_<

    2011/02/17 at 08:49

  6. Too cheesy. I’ve just switched hands, I wonder if that’ll work.


    2011/02/18 at 01:43