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Hourou Musuko 5

So, after a random draw, cough cough this is not a pun cough cough I’m actually still sick cough cough and MY STOMACH GROSS EVERYTIME I COUGH COUGH


…So, after a random draw, Makoto becomes Juliet and Saori becomes Makoto, who is Juliet, so there are two Juliets (Makoto is Juliet, and Saori is Makoto, who is Juliet), one Makoto (Saori is Makoto), and one dead bug. Now how is it possible that two people become three dead people and one bug?

It’s simple;

…the anime was BUGGED.


Also, some weird guy with glasses who isn’t Saori’s brother comes in and really this crossdressing’s weird. Realizes. Not really this.

Anyways, said weird guy is from Saori’s church that she never goes to, and so I don’t know why Saori even knows said weird guy who isn’t named but might have been named and I didn’t see. Because you don’t listen to anime, you watch it. Hear?

OK, so back to more Saori because this episode’s about Saori – she realizes that Makoto is a horrible dead bug, and so she resolves to REVERSE RESOLVE.

The conclusion is that she will kill everybody in the play by rewriting history.

Finally, the two non-Saori main characters run into Anna while doing something about something. Ana dehsyds to akt lyck a stokur, ahnd prontli tayks mehni pyckt├╝rs awv Shoe-eechy B kahs hii-sh Q-t or sahnchin. Ai’m naut rili shor wut haabuhmd, kuss eye duh1337d da ehpuhsold ah lawn taim ahgou. Ehsunt tys rityn sou muhxth morr i-shi tuew uhndirshtahnd? Nao yuu no howl ai sawn dlyk een reehl lyfu! Gaw di lykh yousien aech’es.

Whaht, eye dohn teefn

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  1. Why is Fidel Castro in that picture?<_<

    2011/02/19 at 12:02

  2. His skin’s not green, sorry.

    2011/02/19 at 18:41

  3. It is for me.

    2011/02/20 at 00:42

  4. but in my dream i am the star

    2011/02/20 at 02:42

  5. Bloggers can’t dream. <_<

    2011/02/20 at 13:10