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Yumekui Merry Half Season Review

It’s time for Mushy’s Daily 600-second (that’s not a lot, trust me) Half Season Review with only plot and weird pictures because I just got home from school~!

I’ll update the rest with summaries and such afterwards, when, y’know, I’ve unpacked my backpack and hung up my jacket that’s still snowing.

I mean, wet with snow.

I guess Vancouver’s gonna see a white Easter this year :v

SIDNET, I’m not that mentally unstable yet

Anyways, the otamot, I mean, main character of this show starts off with extremely realistic character drawings, but gradually degrades into a typical anime character – i.e. with one nostril, no teeth, and I don’t even know what’s that on his hair. Probably an alien antenna. Y’know, for DEMON LORD QUEST VIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.

The otamot (I have coined a new word for main steoreotypical protagonist) is Fujiwara Yumeji, a person who can see what type of dream a person will have each night. Unfortunately, he has only a 50% chance of getting it right, and his answers generally consist of ‘a good dream’ and ‘a bad dream’.

He has had dreams of being chased by cats, because he likes cats and other human things.

Anyways, the leader of the cat army is CHASER JOHN DOE (pronounced JOHN DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU), and he is very evil man.

One day IRL, a girl falls on top of him.

Unfortunately the girl likes donuts and thus is very fat

She is Merry Nightmare, a dream demon (there’s another word for it, but I don’t want to be too Japanized) from the Dream World. She somehow got stuck in the human world ten years ago, and wants to go back.

Unfortunately, the Johndue laughs in her face, gives her a fondue, and tells her that he’s not going to do what the Johndue doos. Kangaroo.


Anyways, Merry is now trapped in the real world, and Tachibana Isana, Yumeji’s childhood friend, takes her into her house. Actually, they live together, because Yumeji’s parents magically died. Also, she somehow has white hair, like some other Tachibanas.

Merry then goes on an adventure to send every other dream demon back to the dream world in hopes of finding someone to take /her/ back.

Imperishable Punishment! aka it’d hurt a lot because this will continue forever

Meanwhile, apparently dream demons are becoming more and more common, as well as the disappearance of them – dream demons need vessels to come to the human world, people whose body the dream demon can control. The dream demon and its vessel coexist in harmony, whether because of mutual cooperation or the dream demon forcing itself (haha) onto the vessel.

I could’ve easily, but SIDNET

Donuts donut have anything to do with this, but whatever.

Merry’s a special case, where she came into the human world using her own body as a vessel. After defeating a dream demon (that then escaped, we’ll be seeing her soon), Engi Threepiece, Engi tells her that there’s no way to go back – when she sent the demons ‘back’, she was merely killing them. Such was the case when her sister allegedly ‘died’.

I guess it’s TIME for some knife judgement

Yumeji has another dream, where the Johndue reappears. He tells Yumeji of another (man) dream demon, Pharaos Heracles, who lured many other dream demons into the human world with… luring.

Finally, the Johndue warns Yumeji of a powerful dream demon, Mistelteinn, and he wakes up.


The bottom picture is enough to explain the whole plot.

As a can, I have to thank you

Alright, let’s start the reviewing.

Firstly, this is the most traditional traditional I have ever traditional. I mean everything’s traditionally traditional with traditional traditional in my traditional. Why so traditional.

You’ve got this otamot (remember, this means near-useless main character) whose parents died in some accident and are never mentioned again, who lives with his childhood friend who somehow has white hair. Then, his childhood friend’s mom is nowhere to be seen, and his childhood friend’s dad happens to be pretty awesome and not have white hair, as well as owning a cafe in the middle of nowhere that nobody goes to.

Then you go to school and there are stereotypical buffer characters that do things that really don’t matter and the otamot sits at the same seat on the left facing the window three rows down (or two rows from the back, whatever). Then there’s some outspoken president of the writing/council/drama/film/light music/astronomy/physics/nuclear physics/antimatter-creation club who always has something happen to her, a mysterious transfer student, and yeah.

The otamot has a tsundere fall on him, who happens to be really strong but emotionally stupid, and has a penchant for food of type xxx. It will be revealed that said tsundere has either stayed in this world for a long time or just came, and if it was for a long time somehow said tsundere has not consumed any form of type food xxx.

Cue battle scene where tsundere saves otamot and goes away, only to meet again and have the tsundere lives in the otamot(‘s childhood friend’s) home. Cue more battle scenes.

SUDDENLY bad things are revealed, tsundere breaks down and otamot uses the power of protection to save her, either through the new power of miasma that he just awakened within himself or by getting beaten up so badly the tsundere goes into a period of mental shock.

The bad things are revealed by what seems to be a bad guy but at the end, said antagonist is actually a good guy and fights with the otamots against the true bad guy which isn’t revealed until the last episode as that mouse you accidentally ate in your yoghurt last night.

Oh, and beach episode next time. Man, could this get any less traditional.

Also, man, is all the anime in cohorts with each other or what? This has the same Fractale ‘food tastes better if you OTAMOT OTAMOT TOMATO YEAAAAAAAAH together’, the same Madoka dream-like settings, and man Merry has elven ears. Maybe she’s a human in the human world, and an elf in the dream world.

Because we hate dwarves.

All we want to do is siege them.

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    Why aren’t crabs popular in anime?It always have to be cats,dogs or cute dango-like-unrealistic-creatures.Cat girls,squid girl,fox girls…I’ve never seen a crab girl.

    So much crab racism these days…

    2011/02/23 at 01:54

  2. There are crab girls, but most of them are just imitations.

    2011/02/23 at 05:19

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