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Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica Half Season Review

You don’t shoot guns like this.

I originally didn’t want to watch this, owing to me shying away from hype and maybe this would suck.

I was wrong.

Here’s a really late post, no spoilers (well, sorta), no summary, no nothing – this is a show that you’ve got to watch. It’s only 12 episodes long, anyways.

Eh, Kaname Madoka’s just an ordinary girl. One day, Kyubey, an evil evil monster who they pronounce Kyubeh because they’re Japanese but it should be pronounced QB, like a pencil, cause he’s nothing more than a stupid 2B pencil with an odd pronunciation. Pronounce. Pronunciation.

Anyways Kyubey looks really huggable and cute but he’s really an evil monster who just wants to eat you whole. Spoilers? Yeah, if you aren’t living under a rock this shouldn’t be a spoiler to you.

Along with Madoka (to remember, she has pink hair, wait what) is her friend, Miki Sayaka (she has blue hair, wait what), and a MAGICAL GIRL, Tomoe Mami (she has yellow hair… ok, that’s alright). They’re both nice people.

And then suddenly an EVIL magical girl, Akemi Homura (she has black hair… ok that’s pretty normal), appears, and she’s so evil her evilness is like woah, how evil. Apparently she’s like really evil and yeah.

And then there’s another EVIL magical girl, Sakura Kyouko (she has red hair… er, ok), who is so evil and evil that she does evil evil evil things, like encourage little kids to smoke.


And then there’s some NOT SO EVIL not main characters, who don’t matter cause they’re not magical girls. For the record, only Mami, Homura, and Kyouko are.

The premise of the story is simple – there are magical girls, and magical girls kill evil witches, because those evil evil witches need to be killed so that they won’t be so evil evil evil. Kyubey is an evil evil evil evil monster who wants little girls to become magical girls so that they can kill the evil evil evil evil evil witches. In that sense, he isn’t so very evil evil evil evil evil evil anymore, because he wants to kill evil evil evil evil evil evil evil things, right?

What’s more, Kyubey may actually be pretty cool, because he grants a cool cool wish to a girl who wants to be a cool cool cool magical girl. And then the little girl becomes a cool cool cool cool magical girl! Anyways, this cool cool cool cool cool Kyubey finds that Madoka has a lot of cool cool cool cool cool cool magical power, so he wants her to be a cool cool cool cool cool cool cool magical girl!


So that’s the plot without any spoilers – it just goes like that, going to somewhere. Of course, this ain’t just any magical girl show (or else why would so many people watch it) – no, something DEEP and DARK is going on, like a WELL off the coast of FINLAND, but DEEPER and DARKER and LESS SALTY.

When a little girl becomes a PUELLA MAGI, she gets a SOUL GEM, and must kill WITCHES to get GRIEF SEEDS that will replenish her SOUL GEM, or else BAD STUFF WILL HAPPEN.

And that’s it.

Really, Madoka is a fine piece of work. It starts out so innocent, and eventually becomes SCARY SCARY CREEPY WAIT WHAT I DON’T KNOW WHAT’S HAPPENING ok so somebody just got decapitated in front of our eyes whatever.

I would write some speculah down, but the truth is, every single speculah that I can think of is probably already covered in the Puella Magi Madoka Magica Wiki – that’s right, an ORIGINAL anime has a Wikia already. Did I mention that? This is an original anime, not based on anything, with already two manga series and a coming novelization being produced. And my god if this isn’t the most successful show of 2010 I don’t know what is.

I can offer some comments though – here’s some stunning proof of how the moe level changes so drastically from just the first to second episode.

That’s QB, by the way.

It is quite strange that Grief Seed and Soul Gem have exact opposite starting letters, though – perhaps a hint for what’s coming next?

Continuing on my harping of the fanbase – if you surf around the wiki a bit (not recommended if you don’t want to be spoiled, you’ll find some really, really over-fanned things. By over-fanned things, I mean things that really aren’t worth the time to figure out, but that people actually did figure out.

For example, deciphering the runes. There are runes in Puella Magi/Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, and /a/non figured out exactly what they were. Apparently, they were in German, with each rune corresponding to a German character. How they figured out that is simply quite phenomenal.

Madoka is easily becoming one of the most widely-watched anime – if I hadn’t skipped anime club for the past three months, I would have probably even watched Madoka there (note, our anime club sucks). I mean, there are even games chronicling obscure events (or at least, I didn’t know what it was about when I first found it), released within days of the episode. That’s not saying much with those awesome games created in FGL’s 24-hour challenges, but still. This doesn’t happen often.

Back to the abrupt change – look at how the art completely changes. Madoka is, well, really… scary. It’s a scary anime.

But still, it’s a good one, one that I would definitely recommend.

Could this be the first 9/10 ever given? Probably not, but still.

Also, inception.

(for reference, original trailer)

This is what real dreams should be like. Yumekui Merry is a pile of crap.

So are Madoka’s drawings.

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