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Hourou Musuko 6

HST Week’s finally over~!

HST Week’s finally over, even though, well, I don’t really have any posts for the ‘T’ part of that~! I guess in the next organizational post, I’ll link to all of the posts that I haven’t done for a long time, even though I really do have drafts for everything.


The episode starts with the Cultural Festival, namely consisting of Western restaurants, haunted houses, chickens, and dinosaurs, representing the various diverse totally-not-American cultures of Japan.

Of course, Monopoly is a big part of any Japanese Cultural Festival, symbolizing the great growth and prosperity of the Land of the Rising Sun.

A bunch of other people show up for the cultural festival, including Maiko, a teenage highschool dropout (why else would she have time to attend an elementary cultural festival, not at her school), Hiroyuki Yoshida and Shii, two people (I suspect Hiroyuki’s transsexual, totally not because I read the Wikipedia article and spoiler’d everything), and more dinosaur-chickens.

Soon enough, the main attraction starts – the Romeo and Juliet play. In a twisted turn of events, Sasa is too awesome for everyone to behold and thus the episode ends.

Seriously though, there’s no way fifth-graders could make something like this. I didn’t even know Romeit and Juleit was a plaeit when I was in a fifth graeitr. Other than that, this episode was fine – here’s one of those real slice-of-lifeits that don’t just focus on comeity, but actually have, y’know, boreitg lifeit issueits.

Did I mentioeits that life issues are boring?

Yes, they are.

The end of Hourou Musuko’s episodic-blogging, because now, I think that there’s not much more to say on the matter.

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