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Level E 7

Gosick and Level E YEAH! FGS and TH13 stuff too, after the break.

I guess I didn’t really write much about the plot last time, but this arc, five boys are transformed into SUPER COLOUR RANGERS that must save the world from evil.

They are teleported to the planet Calvary, 1.1 billion years (of travel) from Earth, where everything’s all a giant RPG game (I have RAS syndrome) made by Prince Baka (the evil alien prince with blonde hair in the picture above).

Unfortunately, they are informed by the King that the EVIL DEMON LORD is level 1300 (it takes about half an hour to level up once, and they’re around level 60s), and hurriedly run towards the shrine of protection, that… protects them. Shrinely.

Nevertheless, the EVIL DEMON LORD with his EVIL DEMON ARMY rush up to them, and the EVIL DEMON LORD infiltrate the shrine.

He reveals that he’s actually a pretty cool guy. eh acts like little kid and doesnt afraid of anything

The EVIL DEMON LORD has a better sense of morals than Prince Baka, and lets the COLOUR RANGERS go home in peace.

EVIL PRINCE BAKA, on the other hand, is left alone on the planet, eventually becoming the REAL EVIL DEMON LORD.

The end.

Well, wasn’t that a surprise. I didn’t really expect Baka to get pwned so badly at the end – everything looked so brilliantly planned. I sincerely doubt that he actually did fail; the entire thing was probably part of some super, mega, giant evil plan that ties in everything from Yukitakakakakakakkakakakaidon’tknowevenwhathisnameis to KARARARARARAREINJA.

Let’s just hope the final episode will be like that – some mindblowing conclusion that surpasses even Episode 3. Really, everything else pales, and I’m beginning to a bit disappoint.

Don’t let me down.


And now for something completely different: the Flash Gaming Summit is finally on, but… I didn’t really watch, so :V

Touhou 13 was just announced at ZUN’s blog. Apparently it’ll feature Youmu, among other people (what kind of game will need Youmu of all people? That’s a horrible, horrible, and weird choice), and it’ll be as horrible as every other game, namely, not really that horrible.

It’ll also be a fusion of Poker and Bejeweled, in that the main character will have to move blocks around to make groups of five or more ‘card combinations’ that will give the character a powerup based on the ‘power’ of the combo; e.g. a Royal Flush generates more power than two pairs and one card. Of course, you’ll have to avoid bullets too, but you won’t be able to focus, your hitbox will increase, and there will be one bullet fired per second. One. Per second. And your character will actually become a Pong paddle, i.e. really fat.

If only.

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