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Gosick 7


The Summer Solstice festival starts in the Village of the Gray Wolves, where they do things that uncivilized people do with Summer Solstice festivals, namely, stupid things. The you-wa-shock-face maid reveals the circumstances of the murder – when Cordelia was 15, she went into Elder Theodore’s study, and ran out a minute later, screaming, for the Elder had been stabbed in the back by a dagger, with some gold pieces on the floor. Even though Cordelia was sick with a high fever, the current Village Elder banished her from the village, leaving her with one trunk to keep her belongings and one gold coin.

The Village of the Gray Wolves seems to be self-sufficient, resembling a rather better form of communism than many other governments have tried to do. Theodore would hoard coins so the people wouldn’t use them, and they generally don’t accept many imports, growing their own turnips and the like. However, a girl who came with Victorique and Kazuya, Mildred, is on a telephone, revealing the secret to the village’s electricity.

10 years ago, during the Great War of non-anime pictures, Brian Roscoe came to the mountains, donating a large sum of money and hooking up electricity to the village. He was the child of someone who lived in the village, and wanted to give back to his hometown.

Anyways, the boy who tried to touch Kazuya, Ambrose, takes them to Cordelia’s house. Victorique finds an old box with a photo of her mother (and herself, while being a really really fat baby) hidden underneath a floor tile, taken around the same time Brian Roscoe came to the village – it could not have been taken before Cordelia was banished from the village. Thus, someone came back into her house, took whatever was in the box, and replaced it with said photo. They then uncover writing on the grave of old Theodore; ‘Je ne suis pas coupable’, Cordelia pleading that she is not guilty.

This also proves that the otamots of this story aren’t speaking Japanese – it’s all French to them. Yes, Saubure is a French country. Or Italian, seeing as Victorique counted her steps in French, instead of ‘Unknown Language’. ‘Unknown Language’ could also be French.

SUDDENLY green lights come – the GLOWING EYEBALLS of WOLVES. Victorique takes a bath (how did that suddenly happen from being chased by wolves), when AN EYEBALL FALLS ONTO THE GROUND. Someone’s trying to scare her out of the village.

The next day, the Solstice festival starts in earnest, with the re-enactment of the GREAT BATTLE OF GREAT BATTLES. The Summer Army beats the Winter Army, and sets fire to the floats the General of the Winter Army, the Winter Man, is on. It’s decorated with red turnips and menaces with spiking pig-tail cloth balls. The villagers throw hazelnuts at the foreign people, including two troublemakers of whose names I remember but is not very useful right now. Why? Because they’re dead.

Well, they were troublemakers, dropping an ornamental jug into holy water and mocking this technologically-advanced society, but still, they died. One was seemingly getting hit by hazelnuts during the fight, but somehow ended up inside the Winter Man’s suit when they burnt the float down, along with his life. The second was shot by the extremely suspicious Village Elder, who, not letting anybody interrupt the festival, mistakenly thinking that he was a wolf.

EYE’M watching you.

Along the way, Kazuya asks the Village Elder, who just smoked a lot of cocaine SPIRITS OF THE DEAD (it makes you dead drunk, hahaha), about what would happen to him and Victorique. The Elder reveals that this is all just a love story and Victorique won’t get taller, either. Shucks for her.

Finally, the maid reveals a crucial piece of information – Theodore was killed by reaching over his shoulders, and then planting the knife in his back. Cordelia’s waaaaaaay too short, so there’s no way she could have done it.

The only other culprit is…

…this person.

Oh man. I’m about 300% sure the real culprit isn’t the Village Elder. 300%.

It’s obvious the person running from the hazelnuts wasn’t the person killed in the fire, and that he was drugged and forced into the suit to die. Does this bring back Detective Conan vibes or what (remember that one chapter?)

As for the second, why was he prowling there, anyways? How did the Village Elder know when to shoot? Was he just faking the spirit-intercourse-thing? Who the hell is Brian Roscoe anyways? Is he the Village Elder? It’s obvious the Village Elder has the most to gain from killing Theodore, but why he doesn’t want to attract foreigners is another suspicious matter that I just can’t seem to understand.

And man, Victorique should stop copying Sherlock Holmes (of which I recently finished the second book, and will be O-NEBing soon) – I mean, he injects cocaine and heroin into himself, and smokes tobacco to help concentrate. A metric shitton of tobacco. Actually, that would be a fartton, because that’d be gaseous. Yes. The only reason she should copy him is because he’s BADASS, SHOOTS PEOPLE and boxes better than MOHAMMED ALI.

…I don’t know.

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