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Level E 8

I got caught up in schoolwork.

Princess Saki of the Big Mac Macbac race come to Earth, to seek out a mate.

You see, all Macbacs are female, and the only one who can reproduce is the Queen. She needs a groom from another race to mate, or else their entire race is doomed.

Unfortunately, the Macbacs, or Heterocarnics, as they are called, have a virus inside their body that first spreads through the bloodstream, and eventually through the air, crippling the reproductive abilities of all males on the planet they infect.

Thus, everybody will look like this

Because of this, the race the Queen chooses is always wiped out within a few generations.

With Prince Baka gone doing random crap, the Earth Defence Task Force attempt to stop the Queen from choosing a suitable mate.

Craft, Sado, and Colin escort Saki to a hotel, where two people, Satomi and Mikihisa, are also spending the night.

Unfortunately, Mikihisa does stupid stuff, and Satomi dumps him.

However, he sees Saki and immediately falls in love with her… claws?

Craft tries to deter them, but they run away anyways.

Finally, right before they do some more stupid stuff, Craft arrives with Mikihisa Kyoko’s check-in card.

He’s a girl?!

I can rightfully predict next episode – Prince Baka’s going to come and reveal it’s all part of his silly plan.

It’s pretty obvious Mikihisa is one name, and Kyoko’s another name (there even says two people sign-in), or something of the like – I seriously doubt he’s actually a girl.

Overall, this was just silly, but I like the separate-arc ideas. Makes the story a lot more alien :v

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