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Durarara!! Specials [Completed]

So does this have the most awesome OP ever or what?

I can give you a really long plot summary, make a really hard-to-make alternate storyline (I swear I’m getting less and less creative), or I can tell you that this was just usual DRRR fare.

…this was just usual DRRR fare.

All major characters appeared, with Hanejima Yuuhei (Shizuo’s little bro-bro) getting all of the star-time with his impeccable…


And if Yuuhei’s here, then Shizuo must be too – here’s where the flying vending machines come into play :v

By all main characters, I seriously mean, every single one of them. Like, there are useless scenes meant deliberately for that (for Kinnosuke, Masaomi, and Namie), as well as that robber duo from Baccano! (I’m going to blog that soon, seeing as I already watched the first half-season).

Really, this episode was pretty stupid.

They also introduce new characters, namely Izaya’s little sisters (who are as good at fighting as him, bringing into question what the hell is up with Japanese parents nowadays) – showing the true purpose of this show, to setup for a second season. Hah, for a long time I thought Episodes 13 – 24 of DRRR /was/ the second season, cause, you know, a season isn’t two seasons long. Whatever.

And also, do you know how hard it was to make the picture below, seeing as paint doesn’t have rotation and mirror features? If it just had a mirror feature, this would be done in 5 minutes, but A:DJKLASJDKLASjcIOUS

I swear this scene was all social satire

You know, at the end, Durarara wasn’t anything special – it’s just ‘everyday’ life (obviously, some things aren’t so everyday), the everyday life of a few random Japanese people who are connected by stupid events. It’s not even everyday life, as the final scene in this episode brought us to remember – Durarara isn’t an anime about action, or adventure, or long, loopy, plots that don’t even make sense and are only long and loopy for the sake of long and loopiness (they’re not even that long or loopy).

It’s a story about a new kid, trying to fit into a new city.

And to be honest, after all that drama happened, even this isn’t very suspenseful anymore.

The first episode may have been pure awesomeness, but this… wasn’t, and my rating shall be rated accordingly.

Overall Rating: 6/10 (Amazing)

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