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Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Specials 12 True End

I swear, I almost had a deja vu moment that I downloaded the wrong episode, but the beginning’s just exactly the same.

Come to think of it, I didn’t really blog episode 12 in its entirety last time, so I’ll do that now.

Kirino gets all deredere (well, rather, all non-tsun) all day, a mystery Kyousuke cannot solve.

However, Kyousuke learns from one of Kirino’s classmates what she’s really thinking

Actually, it’s solved rather easily – Kirino just wants him to buy two eroges for her, OniPan and CusImo (I bet you, the producers came up with that just because we’re all like OreImo).

He goes and meets his classmate, Akagi, there – who’s also buying eroge for his little sister. Maybe his real name is Aragaki? Ohhhhh

However, this time, he doesn’t catch the train on time, there being magically too much people – instead, he hijacks a pantsu-bike from an otaku and RIDES HOME LIKE A SPEEDING NINJA

Unfortunately he finds out something very bad about Kirino’s dietary habits and must ask her about it

He gets home and they play the pantsu-game together. After the pantsu-game ends, Kirino takes out a box with some interesting things in it.

Kyousuke chooses not to see what she has – namely, a flight ticket to America (which in the ‘Good End’ would lead to a fight and Kirino staying in Japan).

Instead, Kirino shows him how she’s so much faster than him in track, and disappears the next day.

Off to America.

This is the end of the true end.

Oh, and Kuroneko gets into Kyousuke’s school the next year. I’m pretty sure (no I haven’t been reading Wikipedia ok yes the totally) that there’s going to be some Kuro x Kyou in the next season, which will obviously happen. No doubt.

I’m not going to read the novels, for lack of time and because doing so would spoil next year’s anime. The good end isn’t really much more good than the true end, seeing as now Kirino’s GONE FOREVER and we can focus on the more not-so-bitchy characters.

As for the other ends, I’ll bet you they’ll be present in the VN (that I don’t have), and will probably be a Kirino end, an Ayase/dead end, or a Whatever-That-Other-Girl-Was end. THIS IS WHAT WILL HAPPEN



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