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Level E 9

Baka returns from his voyage to the weird places, where he learns that Mikihisa Kyoko really is a girl.

Princess Saki leaves, but Baka reveals (I overuse that word) that she knew all about what they were doing, having translators and listening devices on their persons.

Baka knows this isn’t the end of the plot, seeing as the opening sequence hasn’t played yet, and so exposes Saki’s plan of changing Kyoko into a man.

He knows from experience that this is very possible

No, he was lying, but the Macbacs are among the foremost in the galaxy in genetical engineering, and such a thing is definitely possible.

Thus, they chase the Macbacs, but to no avail, as they have already fled to their… rather large ship.

Saki changes Kyoko into the MANLY MAN she always wanted to be, but it’s a slow process, so the Doguras still have time.

Time to do what? Kyoko may have lost all of her memories (to make it more romantic for Saki), but she’s still invulnerable, as injecting a vaccine to neutralize the gender-bending virus will cause it to explode, dooming the human race.

Seems like an amiable fellow

All in all, the Macbacs are a really sadistic and intelligent race, but Baka is more sadistic and more intelligent, revealing a plan to Craft so evil and cruel that those who hear it will be forever haunted for life.

Luckily for Kyoko, they merely break a few intergalactic laws – namely, making a clone of her, transplanting her memories, injecting a virus that would neutralize the Macbacs’ destruction-viruses, and completely swapping the two around.

Seems next week’s going to be the return of the KARA REINJAS.

Heh, this episode was pretty… stupid. I was expecting Baka to come up with some totally, out-of-the-blue solution. Really, this episode was not even close to as good as the others – there was no real climax, and definitely no build-up towards it – everything was all so sudden, that nothing seemed right.

I mean, the development was so shallow, the bits of Craft-outburst-mock-humour meagre at best, the plot predictable, the final solution not innovative, and deployed so suddenly with no preparation. Even the bits of fanservice were bad (because of this art style :v).

At least Baka’s whisper sounded awesome.

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