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Gosick 8

[Announcement: I’ve updated the previous Oreimo post, as well as adapted (transcribed, more on that later) the Hourou Musuko OP, in pdf and music. Thus starts the series of announcements about me rewriting history~!]


Derek Banks, another foreigner, is proved to be the murderer of the two foreigners. They were all originally planning to steal an ornamental vase (made entirely of gold), so when they dropped the vase into holy water, that was just to test the density and trueness of said vase.

Derek forced one of them in the Winter Man’s robes, and masqueraded as said person while hazelnuts were being thrown. The other he shot under cover of blank shots fired by the villagers, and then dragged the dead body so that it would seem like Elder Sergius shot him.

However, Grevil comes and attempts to arrest him, only to be stopped by Sergius, who reveals that he’s not the Elder.

Sergius is the King of Seyrun, a country inside Saubure.

As for Mildred, the person she was talking to on the phone was Grevil, who hired (rather, made her a deal she couldn’t refuse) her to trace all of Victorique’s movements.

As for her, all she needs to do now, is prove that Cordelia Gallo really was innocent – a simple matter, really, far too simple to be considered a solved case at all. Kazuya merely dressed up as Elder Theodore, who would ‘come down from heaven’ during the festival, went up to the insane maid, Harminia, and demanded to know whether or not she killed him.

Of course, Harminia, being superstitious, believed that Kazuya was the real Theodore, and confessed to all her crimes.

She hid inside the grandfather clock, spilling some coins out to make Theodore pick them up, and thus have his back towards her. She then stabbed him in the back, jumping off from inside the clock, using her weight to plunge the dagger deep into his back. Finally, she waited for someone, anyone, to come – and that was Cordelia.

Why did she do this? Theodore, speaking as the oracle, said that she would die when she was 26 years old. Her being young and scared, thought that killing the oracle would stop this from happening.

Au contraire, what she was doing was committing a self-fulfilling prophecy, causing Sergius to order Ambrose to kill her. Of course, Ambrose refuses, letting her go…

…to set fire to the entire mansion and the only bridge connecting Seyrun to Saubure.

The villagers are fine with this, as Seyrun is generally self-sufficient, but the foreigners definitely mind, sending Harminia plunging to her doom and swift-fully making it across the bridge, taking Ambrose along with them.

But wait, how did Grevil escape if he was behind them the whole time? And Mildred, too? Seeing as Kazuya was so dramatic at the very end with Victorique somehow pulling him up from a certain death.

Eh, doesn’t matter. Seems that the sappy moments are already being introduced, even though we’re only halfway through the series – you would’ve thought it’d be more dramatic and more end-of-series, y’know.

But YEAH I’m right for most of the predictions last episode; Sergius is most definitely not the murderer, because he’s too suspicious to be. Brian Roscoe, unfortunately, still isn’t introduced – but I have more than a few qualms that he’s that red-haired guy from the OP and pigeon-making/breaking/textbook stealing, who should also be the person accompanying Cordelia, watching from above.


And yes, this did leave an interesting point – nowhere is it mentioned that Cordelia was killed.

So she’s still alive.

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