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O-NEB 4: the Adventure of the Speckled Band


Holmes smokes tobacco.


Snakes do not climb ropes.


After reading the Sign of Four and the Grey Wolf Hound of Seyrun the Baskervilles, I decided to read a short story by Doyle instead – the Adventure of the Speckled Band.

I thought it was going to be a bit ADVENTURE with, y’know, gypsies and bands and trumpets, but noooo, it was a tiny <30 page story about some people who kill their own daughters cause they can.

I didn’t mean musical staves

The basic details are… well, this girl comes up to Holmes because she’s scared that she’ll die. Holmes does stuff, and eventually the evil person is killed and the girl is saved from dying.

Seriously though, people are over-analyzing Holmes. Sherlock Holmes is a popular character. He’s not meant to be a literary hero, not meant to be a well-developed piece of art. It’s like going up to Stephanie Meyer and saying, “Hey, your novel Twilight is so horrible, because vampires don’t exist in real livfe.” I know, we realize that snakes cannot hear whistles, they don’t drink milk, and there is no chance in hell that a snake will climb up a rope, and then allow itself to get locked up in an airtight (mind you, AIRTIGHT) safe for hours on end. We know that.

We also know that this was meant to be read as a short story. a (intentionally uncapitalized because if it were capitalized, it would look like I’m shouting the whole sentence, whereas I’m really just stressing ‘short story’. However, because of this long bracket, I suppose I could’ve capitalized it – and have no use for this, so it would have to be uncapitalized. Unfortunately, if it remains uncapitalized, I would not get any money from it) SHORT STORY. Not a piece of literature. It’s a light novel. Analyzing this would be like reading Angel Beats and saying how it’s all a portrayal of mondern-day society, with abstract symbols fro what dying, NPCs, creating guns, and all that mean. No. It’s a work intended to entertain.

>mfw introduction

Well, maybe Angle Feats wasn’t a good example (too much protracting), because y’know, Key’s behind it and all. We can look at, say, YOU ARE UMASOU. Sure, there are obvious social underpinnings about how being gay is A-OK, the importance of isolating your children, and being hard on them without telling them what you’re going to do, etc. – but it’s also a work, for little kids.

You just don’t go and analyze something like this.

Really, it’s ridiculous – the introduction and appendices are twice as long as the actual stories (I’m reading this with the Hound of the Baskervilles in one volume, so).

Modern anime blogger

Giving a serious analysis to this is exactly what anime blogs are doing nowadays – I have no trouble with this, it’s fun reading it, but is analyzing anime that isn’t meant to be analyzed serious work? Maybe that’s also a bad example, as people have written as many books on anime as they have on Holmes, but you get the point.

I just can’t get that feeling out that this isn’t being analyzed because it was particularly literary, but just because it was popular. That’s the direct opposite of what we should be doing – ignoring the popular and commenting on the literary. Popular, not as in, many people read, but more as in “adapted to the ordinary intelligence or taste.” (Random House Dictionary)

And really, the science in this story is worse than the science in Index. At least they had magic to make it worse and Kuroku to justify it :v


8 responses

  1. kaorujin


    I want what youre smokinh.

    2011/03/11 at 02:50

  2. I’m not smokinh anything.


    2011/03/11 at 04:25

  3. Snakes also like to bite fake boobs.

    Why did you wrote Kuroko with “u” at the end?

    Modern,hardcore anime bloggers are always naked…


    2011/03/11 at 09:31

  4. I’d just like to bring up the fact that there’s also a difference between over-analyzing bullshit and going “I say, hang on …” when something’s seriously wrong with a capital Unfortunate Implications (c.f. Metroid: Other M).

    I mean … I get that you weren’t talking about that, I just like splitting hairs on other peoples’ blogs.

    2011/03/11 at 18:43

  5. Yeah, and many things were definitely wrong in this story :v

    2011/03/12 at 01:58

  6. Clunkity clunkity clunk.

    2011/03/12 at 02:01

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