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Gosick 9

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During the GREAT WAR of PASTA, a blue rose was stolen. It was the treasure of Saubure’s royal family, or something. Anyways, it was a precious rose, that was actually probably a diamond or something.

Kazuya’s sister wants to buy a copy of it at Jiantan, a department store in Saubreme, the capital of Saubure.

On the train ride, Kazuya (sans Victorique) meets Grevil, who is going to Saubreme to investigate how several works of art are reappearing on the black market.

Outside Jiantan, a particularly suspicious street urchin realizes that KAZUYA IS ACTUALLY A CHINESE IN DISGUISE. Of course, this has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PLOT, right?

One of the Jiantan employees sends Kazuya up to the top floor, where he sees the rose bleue. Perhaps it’s the real one, for shortly afterwards, the owners of the store quickly shoo him out, all while talking suspiciously about how they’re trying to get someone who looks like Kazuya up to the top floor, for some reason.

Ashamed, Kazuya misrides the elevator down to a staff-only floor, where he finds mannequins and an EVIL DEMON GIRL.

“…and you look like one.”

She’s extremely weak, and says that there are demons in the store, or something. The shop seems more and more suspicious, as she pleads the police come, instead of the store owners.

Kazuya, with his pure fifteenth-son of an imperial Chinese accountant attitude, goes to Grevil and leads him into Jiantan – only to find that apparently none of the employees recognize him, and the top room has had its furnishings completely changed. Even the girl is replaced with a mannequin, while the real one is in hiding.

Finally, an old insane woman pleads that people in Shai’tan Jiantan ‘ate her daughter’ – possibly a ruse, as the street urchin quickly picks up some of the coins that Kazuya dropped during the encounter.

He uncovers the truth behind the shop – around 11:50, some men entered through the back door of the shop, bringing paint, wallpaper, and many other things, just to redecorate the room.

The case looks grimmer and grimmer, especially after how even calls to Victorique don’t go through.

forgot her nose at home

Yeah, this is an all-too cliché setup for an anime. Undoubtedly, Victorique’s absence is a true absence – she won’t be present in this arc, for sure. Grevil’s going to demonstrate that his work as a detective isn’t just because he has money, and he’ll probably do really cool things to save the day. Kazuya’s going to be useless, doing nothing but unveiling the plot and punching the final bad guy at the end, and that street urchin is definitely connected with all this.

Thankfully, some things can’t be predicted – specifically what the pigeon guy’s going to do next episode, which is possibly going to be quite interesting.

It’s also obvious that the rose on the top floor is the real rose, and that they’re trying to lure the real thief of the real rose to steal it again, so that they can catch him. It’s not so obvious what they’re doing, kidnapping children for; if they’re allies of justice (and I presume they are), why would they do such a thing?

Of course, it could also be that the store managers aren’t good, and that they’re trying to lure the real thief into getting a fake gem, so that they can get the real gem and have lots of money.

I still have two complaints, though.

How does Avril carry so many books, flipping to EXACTLY the right page when Kazuya just /mentions/ something about a blue rose?

And why doesn’t Victorique get a haircut.

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