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New Camera

[Announcement: Only Rewrote History because… well, check the post time.]

Guess what?

I have a new camera.

Yeah, I’m not going to show you how good it is.

Firstly, I was recording myself playing Destin Histoire (that’s a horrible song, and it shall stay horrible for as long as I stay alive), and after setting up this really fancy hi-tech camera and using books and stands and Bulbasaurs and whatever, I realized that I DON’T NEED VIDEO ANYWAYS.

Whatever, that’s an aside.

But by hi-tech, I mean HIGH-TECH. It’s so hi-tech, when I plug it into the computer, wait, I can’t plug it into the computer.

-after an hour-


OK, so I plug it into the computer.


Oh, I have to turn on the power on the camera.

OK, so I plug it into the computer, weird microsoft things pop-up, I copy my video, and I safely remove it.



It’s not there, but apparently just pulling it out safely removes it.

I’d take a picture of this stupid camera but my other stupid camera can’t take pictures.


I just realized, all of this is my fault and stupidity.



In more srs bsns though, these high-tech things are seriously creeping me out. Apparently, there’s functions on the camera to recognize faces (RECOGNIZE FAECES!), and at least twenty different modes to take pictures. TO TAKE PICTURES! Why do you need separate modes for taking pictures of CANDLES and pictures of FIREWORKS? There shouldn’t be so much easy customization, with it being so hard to actually customize settings (e.g. shade of colours, where to focus, aperture size blahblahblah).

Really, the only three features of this camera that I wanted were the ability to take pictures (my previous Olympus couldn’t take pictures, believe it or not), the ability to record high-quality sound, and the ability to take videos with a higher quality than this.

In completely unrelated news, I was fiddling around in Windows’ ‘file info’ settings (every media has them, from doc files to movies), and apparently for .MOV files you can enter the type of ‘tone’ the file is.

Really, microsoft?



It’s Daylight Savings Time if you don’t live in Saskatchewan. Last time, I was sad to see it go; so you can expect me to be happy that it’s here, now, because I have two hours after the end of school to complete a post. Hooray~!

Even so, I don’t really need to change the time on my watch, which is ALWAYS at UTC! Why? I don’t know.

Finally, let’s all #prayforjapan, seeing as they have enough food for the entire population to last a week, had almost everybody evacuated before the tsunami, gave a 10-second warning before the earthquake struck, have the third-largest economy in the world, have over 120 million people, of which there will be <120,000 casualties (perhaps even on the order of 12,000), the lowest homicide rate, the highest life expectancy, and are among the top 20 countries in terms of GDP/capita. Let's not forget that the earthquake didn't hit Japan in its entirety, BP caused more environmental damage than those nuclear plants, and that Japan's fully prepared for any earthquake on the magnitude of 8.0.

Let's pray for Japan and hope that whatever damage this earthquack did will quickly get repaired.

And no, that wasn't sarcasm – seriously, there are countless lives suffering out there, and still suffering. Those aren't facts either, so don't rebuke me with 'oh, but Japan only really has 30,000 people!'



3 responses

  1. Ha ha. Cameras.

    After far too long of messing with over complicated software I found out that I could just put the SD card in my computer and drag it onto the computer.


    2011/03/23 at 15:24

  2. Hehe, software companies are making us feel stupider and stupider.

    Especially microsoft, with its oh-so-easy-to-use programs :@

    2011/03/23 at 16:52

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