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Level E 10

No human would have faces on their fingers

A twintail mermaido can tell when someone lies to her – if they do, her tongue sticks out and kills them.

Once, long ago, some poachers from her planet, Holm, took her away to make money. After extensive poaching, there are only 5 twintail mermaids left, and she wished to protect her siblings by sacrificing herself.

However, after selling her to many different people (aliens), and always escaping by virtue of tongue-spear, the poachers decide they have no more use for her, and shoot her.

She doesn’t like cakes – or, alternatively her cake-consuming skills are unmatched

In an entirely different… well, setting, Shimizu, the Blue Ranger, has to move to America because his DAD is DED evil. He denies that he’s sad and runs away from his friends, eventually finding the mermeido, who’s actually Baka’s wife and/or sister heavily wounded.

The four other kara reinjas band together and tries to find the mermeido while their EVIL TEACHER EVILLY SMILES in the EVIL CORNER.

The extremely heroic, brave, and manly rangers find her just when the poachers were about to kill her. To death.

However, the lead poacher offers an incredibly lame and cliché heartfelt and emotional speech about how he accidentally shot her to death and how his mouth accidentally moved and enunciated what he was going to do to her.

The mermeido knows when someone’s lying, and when someone’s actually got a truth-distortion device in his… ear confessing to how they’re only human (ha, ha), letting their emotions get control over themselves, and actually want sincere apology.

Now these poachers, they ain’t be lying. They’re telling the truth! They’re just really good at making sappy speeches.

I love how black and pink are in the rainbow

No way, says Akagawa. AND THUS THE KARA REINJA KICK ASS (with the NO help of their teacher

The poachers merely had a voice-distortion device in their… ears (how would we have guessed?!), that distorts their voice so it seems like they’re telling the truth. The stupid stupid mermeido thought they actually were.

Finally, they reveal that all four of her siblings were sold and killed, too.

The poachers die.


First – Level E’s manga and this anime chapters are almost exactly the same (title-wise, at least). I wish there’d be a second season, but this is all the content the mangaka wrote. I mean, HunterxHunter and Yu Yu Hakusho PALE in comparison to this. Arghblargh. Get your priorities straight, guy.

How can the mermeido give Yellow-douchebag a call if she’s in the water? And how will being in the water help? It’s Earth, not Holm, and she’s using an earth body anyways (or so I should think – I’m pretty sure they look much more ugly at Holm, haha).

I guess never trust your senses is what we’ve learned here – when all else fails, use your head. Even if you lose your hearing, all you need to do is look around more. Even if you lose your sight, all you need to do is feel more. If everything fails, even if you don’t know it – just use your brain. Think.

ofc there’s probably far deeper shit but I’m in some deep shit with my 26.5% Science Fair Project >( ゚ヮ゚)<

At least he still has two heads

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