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Gosick 10

I know it’s Jeantan, but Jiantan sounds so much more Chinese.

Tu manges des adolescents

Kazuya is forced into a horse… drawn carriage where he meats anastatica, a very zombie plant. Zombie plants, really do like eat meat, but it’s gotta quickly beat the heat, so it should just repeat that long tweet about zombies and how they always cheat, seeing as how they can’t run on feet, though generally quite discreet, those plants, they’re actually pretty neat, but always full of such deceit.

Oh, was her name Anastasia? Sorry, I got caught in the moment.

Anyways, this Russian girl was just shopping, when suddenly an EVIL DUDE did bad things to her, namely take her to a better store and let her stay there for as long as she wanted.

Of course Anastasia was very sad because the computer there only had 100GB of anime, all full, and the latest episode of Madoka was just released. She also didn’t know how to delete files because these computers are French and Russians only speak German or Italian.

So Kazuya tells Anastasia to talk to his hand, a.k.a. the police, about what happened. There, she describes how she could see the ROYAL PALACE OF FRENCH-GERMAN-ITALIAN-ENGLISH-RUSSIAN-JAPANESE-CHINESE COUNTRY from where she was watching her anime in the store.

He got his face fixed

Kazuya then talks to the street urchin, Ruji. Since he does nothing all day but sit in front of the Jiantan and looking at the clock tower, he has memorized every single person who walks in (and doesn’t walk out) for a couple of years, right down to the exact hour and minute.

Originally, the police didn’t believe him, but after Kazuya sends him in, STUFF HAPPENS.

Then suddenly



He should go his face fix

I expected him to be like this guy, since he has so much donay and monay.

But he isn’t.

Anyways, of course we can’t leave out Victorique, since everybody else is helpless to the mystery. Armed only with dead trees and dead wood (wait), she manages to PIECE TOGETHER THE FRAGMENTS OF CAUSE before anybody even started to realize she pronounced CHAOS wrong.

The roseseseses blueueueueueue that Kazuya dropped didn’t shatter. If it was made of glass, it would, because y’know glass always shatters. But it didn’t.

So it was the real thing, or it was a cheap Chinese heavy plastic paperweight, but of course that can’t be possible because it’s not like you can make paperweights out of plastic and heavy things in the plastic, right?

No, of course not.

From that she deduces that people are auctioning off great works of art at Jiantan, and along the way some little girls because, y’know, you have to bundle a little girl up with every great work of art, right? It keeps the status quo even.

Mais ceci n’est pas une pipe

Anyways, at nightfall Grevil and Kazuya heroically burst into the Jiantan with their new evidence, only to find out that they can’t actually find where they’re auctioning off the little girls and great works of art.

But alas, when there’s a well, there’s a causeway, and Victorique puts into action (from her death sickbed) a plan, throwing flour-a-scent rocks through the windows and seeing which windows don’t break. Since Anastasia saw the royal palace from her anime room, the place where they’re auctioning off little girls must have a window facing the royal palace, right?

They find the one window that doesn’t have a flour-a-scent rock thrown through it, and Kazuya heroically bursts in, to find people auctioning off little girls.

Unfortunately, Kazuya’s heroic burst doesn’t do anything as the adults ignore the little kid and focus on the little girls.

The police secure the compound, the case is solved, and Kazuya goes back home.

A few (plot-related?) things to note – Grevil seems to have connections with the girl below, Jacqueline. Also, he’s Duke Blois’s hair, and there’s a terrible secret regarding what he puts in his heir…

Aw shucks. This was a brilliant episode, the kind of stuff you’d give 7/10s to. Instead of solving a mystery by analyzing proof, they analyze proof to solve a mystery. WAIT THAT’S THE SAME

I meant, instead of finding something to prove them guilty, they have to think creatively to find the proof, since they already have evidence. Or something. Either way, this puzzle was non-traditional – you aren’t confined to a small room with a rope hanging from the ceiling, a dead man, a locked door, and a puddle of water under the rope. Rather, you have THE ENTIRE POLICE FORCE, the ability to MARK EVERY SINGLE WINDOW, and really, there are probably tons of other ways to find the true room – for example, torture, bribery, sniff-dogs, or hidden cameras everywhere. This one just happened to be the most interesting, I guess.

Brian Roscoe didn’t do anything, but man what a cheap way of introducing characters. I guess they can afford that now, seeing as this is going to run for two seasons – having lots of little plots and introducing everyone slowly would work. It’d be funny if we don’t see that glasses guy (Duke Blois?) until S2 :X

The rose on the top was real – which also leads us to wonder why they lead Kazuya up, if they’re villains. Also, why would you auction little girls, anyways? You’ve got this GREAT BRILLIANT $10,000,000,000.000 MASTERPIECE WORK OF ART and then you have this $10 little girl. Why. Something’s stretching much deeper than it should be – perhaps everything will tie in back at the end to a SUPER BIG MYSTERIOUS MYSTERY MYSTERY and I’ll be obliged to give this a 8/10 or something absurd like that.

Finally, I may be wrong that Victorique doesn’t appear (THERE MUST BE ONE ARC WHEN SHE DOESN’T, PLEASE), but I am right that Kazuya was a wimp and Grevil was pretty badass this episode.

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