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Donten Prism Solar Car 7

[Also, here’s those chapters that you haven’t seen cause I released them so late. Chapter 3, 4, 5, and 6. Don’t actually read all of them, gosh]

It’s typhoonin’, but that doesn’t stop the students’ mildly porky parents from attending the Suzuka Dream Cup.

It’s divided into four racing segments, Olympia, Dream, Broccoli, and Horseradish or something like that.

Anyways, three of them are eight-hour long races, and the final one is a four-hour race.

Among the competitors are BLACK CARS from Osaka Technical University, driven by a RACECAR DRIVER, REVIRD, and Ashihara University from Hyougo, a TOP CLASS TEAM that uses MANMADE SATELLITES to power their solar car.

At least they aren’t alien-made

The race starts with our otamot getting hot and sweaty in the driver’s seat. After two hours or so, Hata switches in and WHOOPS OUR CARS ARE FLYING BEAT THAT IDIOTS

But suddenly THE WHEELS are CRACKED.com

SIDNET, I don’t enjoy class

Hrmm, you need stamina to drive? I mean, it may be hot but just stay there, right? All you do is turn the steering wheel, even someone who hates cars can do it.

This race of attrition is seriously unfair – whoever has better solar cells and more luck wins, because it’s all about how big your battery is and how fast you can go without using up all of your energy.

However, I guess it’s right – a better solar car has better solar cells. Just not necessarily more luck.

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