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Fractale Half Season Review

[Announcement: HST Week go! I need to clear space out of my hard drive. Eh, I was getting this one episode, and then NO HARD DRIVE SPACE LEFT so I did a Madoka HSR and now… I still need more space. OH WELL]

Yes plot, by the way, cause this isn’t all such an amazing anime, anyways.

One day, Clain is just a normal boy on his normal bike in a world where PEOPLE ARE ELECTRONIC, the FRACTALE SYSTEM. He’s not, though, cause he likes antique stuff. The FRACTALE SYSTEM is run by old ladies who tell the people to pray to stars all day long, and if they do then they get free food. Yes.

SUDDENLY a girl falls on top of him, sorta, no not really. Phryne goes to his house and they do stuff together but then she leaves the next day, without Clain knowing.

ALSO there’s a gang of STRANGE people who are trying to CAPTURE Phryne and… yeah.

Anyways when CLAIN wakes up the next day, he finds Phryne’s VIRTUAL SLAVE, Nessa, who’s virtually Phryne’s slave. Yes.

Nessa and Clain go and have ADVENTURES, cough cough, together, when SUDDENLY the THREE EVIL PEOPLE, Enri, Butcher, and Whatshisface capture them. WITH A NET.

They’re taken to the headquarters of LOST MILLENNIUM, Granite Village. They’re really really old-fashioned hippies who HATE fractale and now don’t have free food anymore. Even so, it’s still a place where there are A MILLENNIA IN ORDER. Millenni (Italian), um (German). These people also want to put MILLENNIA IN ORDER, namely by BEING TERRORISTS and SHOOTING OLD LADIES.

The old ladies are in the middle of synchronizing everyone’s FRACTALE TERMINALS, when they realize that the TERMINAL STATION is coming up WITHIN THE HOUR. So they have to BRAINWASH EVERYBODY because that’s what SYNCHRONIZING means. ofc everyone loves this cause they get free food. Yes.

THEN SUDDENLY the MILLENNIA IN ORDER starts to SHOOT the old ladies, and the OLD LADIES use pew pew lasers to SHOOT BACK, even though they’re OLD LADIES. Some people die, including animal-chopper. Yes.

He was a very holey man

Clain sees Nessa (!?!?!), even though Nessa is right beside him. Obviously the Nessa he sees is the REAL NESSA, perhaps Phryne’s LITTLE SISTER, and the Nessa beside him is Phryne’s VIRTUAL SLAVE. Of course he wants to exact punishment to Phryne for virtually having slaves, so the MILLENNIA IN ORDER to kidnap her.

Everything in the village is REALLY SWELL and then SUDDENLY boom boom boom the OLD LADIES attack them.


Nessa acts like a stupid childish virtual slave while on the boat.


While they are repairing, an evil person, Dias, gives free food to the people who are out of the range of Fractale. Actually he’s a swell guy, giving free food.

The BOSS of GRANITE, BROCK Sunda, DOESN’T THINK SO. Dias is also part of MILLENNIA IN ORDER, but they have different factions. For example, to get new recruits, the Granites kidnap little children, force them to shoot guns at old women, and then make them wear interesting clothing while on a steaming evil ship.

Dias, to get new recruits, gives people free food.

This is also what Granite does to recruit new members

Clain and Phryne go up the mountain where they find an old, moustachio-like, mouse. And then they also find this guy with a moustache and a REALLY REALLY OLD CAMERA. The guy wants to restore the FRACTALE SIGNAL to this place so that suddenly EVERYONE CAN BE HAPPY AGAIN.

So he does this by pooping a really big antenna, and SUDDENLY the previously barren landscape becomes COLOURFUL. Unfortunately some people who see the scenery forget that they’re on a cliff and autumn. Yes.

BUT WHY?! Some people can’t see it anymore! It’s revealed that DIAS is an EVIL EVIL person who put POOP in their FOOD and so THEY CAN’T SEE FRACTALS ANYMORE. Well he didn’t actually do that but Yes.

And then the old man wants to die, and gives Clain his camera.

Oh, he’s Clain’s father. Whoops-de-doop you probably should have recognized him, Clain.

…Oh my god, so many essays to write, but everybody’s written like seventeen essays already, probably. The people in the Fractale system think that family’s family because they trust each other to be far away, and living in the same house is to not trust each other. But is not being a doppel also living in the same house? What’s the difference between a doppel and a real person? If everything’s governed by senses, and you can’t really tell what’s real and what’s not, does it matter where you live? For that matter, is there even a point of living anymore? Where are the scientists, the government (those old ladies can’t possibly be the real government), the people who do stuff that matter? Where are the big cities, the metropolises that must be there, or else where did all the people go? Could this be the remnants of the technologically-backwards Terrans, with everybody else already ferried to faraway planets? Or could this be the highest high-class of high high society, with all the poor, starving, oppressed populace simply feeding their desires? Or might it be like the Time Machine, with these unproductive idiots just livestock for the lower class?

Of course, there are many more shallow points of discussion – how does Clain’s father live in an area inaccessible by Fractale, yet still be able to manage his own doppel? Is Clain’s mommy… THE HEAD OLD LADY/the OLD LADY’S HEAD?! It would make sense (by make sense, I mean make sense for the producers to make such a stupid character twist).

And then the creators of Fractale. There are two possibilities – they’re stupid idiots, or they’re aliens. They’re probably not stupid idiots – I mean, if they were really smart, they’d reveal everything about Fractale, so that everyone knew what it did (namely, only provide food and healthcare), and then people are motivated by, I don’t know, pride, to DO STUFF. Nobody would object, anybody that did would be even more of an idiot, and the world would be happy and develop, at the same time.

So in conclusion, the people running Fractale are probably aliens.

I’ll bet, at the end, one of two more possibilities will happen:




4 responses

  1. Mushy said:”This isn’t all such an amazing anime, anyways.”

    Well,looks like someone missed a prayer session…(l’o’l) ALSO!-You forgot to mention something super important!Notice how on the poster for the anime Nessa is with purple hair and in the anime whoooaaaaaaa she is with brown hair.

    2011/04/03 at 23:02

  2. Nessa -> red hair
    Phryne -> brown

    Also, Moeran -> purple hair

    Which doesn’t really make sense because Nessa becomes Phryne becomes Moeran, so her hair somehow changes from red to brown and then to purple :/

    2011/04/04 at 00:14


    Well,at least the anime was more interesting than Kore wa Zombie desu ka and Mitsudomoe.The second season of Mitsudomoe…I didn’t liked it.Dunno why,but I didn’t.And..

    Wait,isn’t Nessa’s hair light brown?It doesn’t look red to me,I can tell you that.

    2011/04/04 at 21:46


    2011/04/04 at 23:13