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Highschool of the Dead Half Season Review

[Announcement: On the note of dead people…]

“Scientists tentatively call this green virus ‘grass’.”

I honestly don’t understand why YuChoy/I decided to blog this so long ago. At least my posts were somewhat humourous then :(
Now, even my humour leads to tumours.


Anyways, Highschool of the Dead is just… wow. Just wow.

Look at the character design. Look at the action, the gunfights, the zombies.

Look at the evil teacher, the bus scenes, the gunshots, the drama.

Look at the international scope, the pacing, the OP and ED, the music, the art.


Everything’s just…


Well, no, I’m overreacting.

The art’s… eh, obscene and a bit questionable. I mean, seriously, those boobs defy the laws of physics in every possible way. This isn’t even episode 8? 9? I forgot when the gunshot-boob scene was. But still, how is this.

I don’t even understand. Hey, at least it’s not that trope-y – the tsundere nerdy girl isn’t a pettanko. WAIT, THAT’S NOT GOOD

Still, they obviously spent a lot of effort programming new boob-physics engines, as well as a lot of training in how to make people’s legs seem like shiny metal poles, so I guess…

…eh, the art’s pretty bad! Sometimes, it is good – especially while animating zombies and the policeman scene, but whenever our OH-SO-COOL main characters appear, well, you might wonder how the hell those girls find proper clothes to wear, and just what the hell they eat every day.

i.e. this scene was caway sue guoy deh sue

The animation is pretty good though when it’s not all pantyshots and BOOBS BOOBS BOOBS – the vehicle scenes, police scenes, and general ‘lol zombie infestation’ scenes were all brilliant. Really, the backgrounding is all well and good, but the main characters, OH THE MAIN CHARACTERS. y u do dis?

And, uh, pace? Have you ever heard of it? Obviously not, as it’s only got 15 views (and it was released after HotD finished airing), but still. It’s a cool concept, most good anime use it, y’know?

Sometimes, having an EIVL EVLI LIVEEEEEEE teacher appear in episode 1 and not appear EVER EVRE REVER again isn’t such a smart thing to do, y’know? Also, having a 20-minute flashback scene four episodes in? That’s not so nice either!!

“Hello my name is ZUN I make pretty games about little girls shooting each other”

And man these characters? What? Physical… characteristics aside, what?? I don’t understand how people come up with these character ideas, they’re so RADICAL and NEW and INNOVATIVE that they haven’t been DONE TO DEATH YET! Totally! Highschool of the Dead is a GREAT anime with BRILLIANT, MEMORABLE characters.

I don’t know what I’m saying, anymore.

I also don’t know what this is about. Any semblance of plot has already been lost on me.

The only thing I remember is that there were zombies.

There were guns.

There were police, shooting guns.

There were boobs.

There was a grass invasion.

There were Americans.

There were Indians.

There were little girls.

Where’s the highschool of the dead?

2 responses

  1. Re: The “boob physics engine”. I think that (As well as the franchise.) is meant to be satire on the zombie genre. Not sure, but that’s how it hit me.

    What’s a pettanko?

    The character art “bad”? It could be intentional.

    My own take on the series below:


    2011/03/29 at 15:18

  2. Heh, you can either think of this as heavy ironic satire, or just a crappy shit show made with boobs so that it seems less crappy to people who like them.

    Pettanko -> i.e. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfUe2eckPFQ

    Also, man I haven’t read blogs for a long time – I’ll get to that some day.

    2011/03/29 at 17:44