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Destin Histoire (TV Size) Transcription

…Well. That took a long time! Notice how the URL insinuates that I wrote this post on March 25th, 2011. This is in fact untrue – I wrote this post on March 25th, 2012, exactly a year after this post’s purported post date.

Why did I choose to post it now? Well, if you’ll remember (you won’t), this week is HST Week, the week during Spring Break last year (2011) where I decided to only write Half Season Reviews and transcriptions/compositions for an entire week. Obviously, it didn’t work, which is why I’ve only written this post now. It’s oddly fitting how almost exactly a year has passed, isn’t it? And Spring Break ends this Monday…

This is my first transcription, since, uh, ever. It sucks. Terribly. Seriously, all I transcribed was the main melody in the right hand, and I just threw in a bunch of random chords on the left. Then again, do realize that I did in fact transcribe this /last year/, on January 19th. Don’t believe me? Well, download the .mus for yourself and check the ‘Date Modified’ box. Actually, the Date Modified box changes when you upload to MediaFire, so I guess all you can do is trust me :v

Here’s the .mus, the Finale file where I actually transcribed the song;

Here’s the .pdf, the actual sheet music, if you ever wanted to play this for whatever deranged reason;

And then the .mid of my transcription in Finale. Unfortunately, I could not upload the actual video itself, as it’s 280 MB, and MediaFire doesn’t allow me to upload files exceeding 200 MB…

Regarding the actual video, yes, notice my head bending down like that in the piano’s reflection – that’s me reading the sheet music on my lap because I’m too lazy to memorize this. I swear, I memorized it once last summer, but I just couldn’t get a good take down for whatever reason. That’s really all I can say about it, isn’t it? I love my new camera (well, it’s not really new since we got it six months ago, now?), compare the sound quality between this video and this horrible recording of Chopin’s Polonaise in A Major. Furthermore, the piano-tuning-man is gonna come and work his piano-tuning-man magic next week, so I might just record something next week and compare it to this video. Maybe it’ll be even better?

There were some idiotic things I did around this, though. For one, I tried to put the actual lyrics of the OP into the music. As I transcribed this during January 2011 and the actual song didn’t get released until March, I had to actually copy down all of the Japanese in the video, even though I DON’T UNDERSTAND JAPANESE. Yeah, I don’t know what was going through my brain back then, I was such a huge weeaboo I don’t even anymore. Seriously, I had to have wasted at least six hours, possibly even ten hours transcribing the lyrics, translating it hundreds of times through Google Translate to get a coherent English sentence, just to realize that the lyrics I transcribed were COMPLETELY WRONG. Fuck your Engrish, yoshiki*lisa, what the fuck are you even singing anyways? Honestly.

Oh well. Maybe if I transcribe more and focus less on all these mindless procedures (am I becoming a bureaucrat?!), I’ll actually, y’know, do something…

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