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Steins;Gate 0 – 6

[Alternative Title: Damn you houraiguy and your inability to cover for me while writing posts, arghblargh]

I’m not going to reveal any plot.


Because this is airing next season, and like Fractale, the manga probably pails in comparison (they be stealin my pail).

Steins;Gate is an animanga based on a visual novel, named, well, Steins;Gate. Wow. The originality of these authors is stunning.

But this manga, while the art and pacing are horrible, is actually pretty gripping.

There’s murder scenes, catgirls (why), shrine maidens that are actually monks but turned into a maiden after A TIME MACHINE?! (what), and MAD SCIENTISTS.

I think I won’t blog this regularly, but I just needed a filler-y post to tide today over.

Anyways, it’s a manga about time travel, and though it’s really slow and boring the first couple of chapters, it really hits it in chapter four, and once you reach chapter six, you just can’t wait for the next chapter. Seriously.

The character designs are as horrible as the art in this series, but the original concept and what they decide to do with the plot really add to its flavour.

Really, things can run on characterization, plot, or concept, and this is something that runs on concept.

It’s not exactly new, but how they execute it is pretty amazing. Don’t listen to Homura’s silly ‘lolmadoka’ time travel; Steins;Gate has time travel, plot, and SERIOUSNESS. Well, not really, but it sure is a lot heavier than Madoka – not darker, but heavier, more dramatic and large-scale than the petty wishes of a couple of little girls.

And this is why you should read Steins;Gate – because, it really is a manga that’s gripping and exciting.

Read it, and prepare for my blogging of the show come Spring…

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